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Located in Springfield, Va., and serving families across Fairfax County and Northern Virginia, our private Christian school offers challenging and engaging educational opportunities for students in grades K-8. Our students learn through hands-on experiences and interactive engagement within the framework that “all truth is God’s truth.” Our goal is to equip and inspire students from the earliest ages for purposeful lives in Christ.

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Kindergarten Smarts – What is it all about?

McCoy Eleane 16936 252877068This post is a response to the recent article, “QUIZ: Are You Smart Enough to Get Into Private Kindergarten?” by Amy Zimmer. The article highlights new trends in educational testing for private school entrance exams. Parents are now faced with having to prepare their young children for a test – and resources are becoming more and more available, such as TestingMom.com. Eleane N. McCoy, Immanuel Christian School’s Primary Team Leader, has provided a thoughtful response to this trend, and asks poignant questions to today’s parents.

Okay, so how many moms clicked on the popular website, TestingMom.com, which claims to “make your kid smarter,” just to see what it was like? It is natural as mothers to be curious about our children’s future.  Will he be a rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, doctor, lawyer, Indian chief?  Taking these exams and trying to predict the future for a four or five year old is like predicting the future through the childhood rhyme repeated as one counted out the buttons worn that day.  Every day is a different number of buttons; thus, a different future!  So it is with a child’s future. Unpredictable.   Through the careful watch of parents and caregivers, each day brings new and exciting knowledge built on yesterday’s adventures. But what should that knowledge entail?  That is the true question at hand.

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summer-fun-sunshine Let us know what new activities you and your family try this summer. Let the summer creativity begin! Remember to include #FlatPinkley in your adventures, near and far.

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