Fine arts is an aspect of the Immanuel Christian School curriculum right from the start, with ample opportunities for students to discover their God-given gifts as they explore the beauty of music, visual arts, and drama. Fine Arts spans music, drama, and studio art to encourage students’ expression, appreciation and creativity. Every student is involved in the creative process, from simple line drawing in kindergarten to photographic composition in middle school and a year-long high school fine arts module.


Grades K-4 attend music class weekly where they explore music through beat, pitch, melody, singing, rhythm, instrumentation, playing, and listening. Through these interactive classes students learn basic music theory, choral performance, musical instruments, and note reading. Our curriculum includes a variety of musical genres, with age-appropriate, fun Christian and secular pieces. Each year, students diligently practice a choral piece to perform at our annual Christmas Program, an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their growing knowledge and skills.  

By listening and analyzing different musical styles, instruments, composers, and time periods, our goal is for students to develop a love of music and find creative opportunities to worship and glorify God!




In addition to weekly music class, the K-4 curriculum includes weekly art classes throughout the year where students study a variety of mediums and techniques as they learn to see what is good, beautiful, and true in visual art. Students learn to paint, sketch, model with clay, weave, and many other skills as they explore famous artists and periods of art history.

The goal is to expose students to a wide variety of methods and styles and encourage them to image our Creator as they discover their own personal creative gifts.





Whether it is the kindergarten Nativity Play, first grade Reader’s Theater, third grade’s Moving West play, or the humorous fourth grade performance of “Missing Parts of Speech,” students have the opportunity to develop confidence and expression through many dramatic performances. These regular opportunities are a highlight for students, teachers, and parents alike each year, and provide a springboard for drama class and other middle school plays and electives. 




After school clubs offer several additional fine arts opportunities throughout the year. The Beginner’s Strings Club teaches students how to play the violin and regular fine arts clubs provide an opportunity for our lower school students to grow their creativity. The ICS Children’s Choir provides an show choir opportunity for lower school students, with a focus on breath control, articulation, pitch, showmanship, and fun. In choir, students perform short musicals focusing on aspects of God’s teachings and sharing the gospel message. Performances take place during chapels and provide an opportunity for classmates and parents see the culmination of learned skills.