Technology-Smart Board 020We focus on integrating technology into learning in a natural and responsive manner. Technology skills that support literacy, productivity, decision-making, and daily life are acquired through practice and projects that enhance classroom interaction and hands-on competency. Our students deepen knowledge of themselves in a world that is technology-infused and changing through integrated content and application.

Students’ introduction to technology begins the first year. Kindergarteners learn appropriate uses for technology, from basic operations to using the keyboard, mouse, interactive board, and devices, while developing skills for communication and cooperation in the classroom and in the Technology Center.

Students in the Primary Grades use a variety of media and technology resources for both directed and independent learning activities. With interactive boards in each classroom that support curricular instruction and regular experiences in the Technology Center, young students use developmentally appropriate multimedia resources to enhance and support research, writing, communication, problem-solving and learning.

Students in Grades 3-5 use various technology tools and devices efficiently and effectively for productivity, application, creativity and with more intricate skills to gather information, evaluate and communicate ideas relevant to their learning inside and outside the classroom. Through assigned curriculum-specific projects in the Technology Center, and interacting with resources in the classroom, students access and use tools and information effectively and creatively, collaborate on projects, and practice responsible use of digital resources.

Middle school students have the opportunity to apply many of the skills, tools, ethical behaviors, respect and responsibility in the application of technology throughout the curriculum through assignments and projects. Refining skills, such as advanced math programs, digital animation, and web design, is part of the lessons in the Technology Center that applies specifically to instruction, taught by the content teachers and supported by the Instructional Technology Resource Teacher. Students access productivity and multimedia tools and software, design, develop and present products with technology, collaborate with peers to research problems, explore solutions, and communicate appropriately.