At Immanuel, Technology-Smart Board 020we focus on integrating technology and media instruction into learning in a natural and responsive manner. Technology skills that support literacy, productivity, decision-making, and daily life are acquired through practice and projects that enhance classroom interaction and hands-on competency. Our students deepen knowledge of themselves in a world that is technology-infused and changing through integrated content and application.

Students at each grade level enjoy the many technology tools available and grow in their ability to discover and utilize the various facets of technology. From graphic drawing, multi-media and desktop publishing projects in the lower grades to web design, digital storytelling and online research skills in the upper grades, students at Immanuel benefit from the priority placed on technology tools and innovation by the faculty, administration and school board.

Our technology program is fully integrated into the content areas of the curriculum. It encourages proficiency at developmentally appropriate levels through specific skills and problem solving. The acquisition of computer proficiency lays the foundation for continuous learning, with the focus on learning by using technology as opposed to learning about technology.

Technology instruction encompasses projects using standard software programs and research using online resources. Mobile labs complete with laptops and printers turn every classroom into a lab and allows for the use of technology to enhance learning. Each classroom is likewise equipped with interactive whiteboards, projectors, and speakers. A full-time Instructional Library Media Specialist assists teachers with project preparation and maintains web resources.


Students’ introduction to technology begins the first year. Kindergarteners learn appropriate uses for technology, from basic operations to using the keyboard, mouse, interactive board, and devices, while developing skills for communication and cooperation in the classroom through the use of our mobile technology lab.

Elementary Grades: 1st through 4th

Students in our first and second grades use a variety of media and technology resources for both directed and independent learning activities. With interactive boards in each classroom that support curricular instruction and regular experience using our mobile technology labs, young students use developmentally appropriate multimedia resources to enhance and support research, writing, communication, problem-solving and learning.

Students in our third and fourth grades use various technology tools and devices efficiently and effectively for productivity, application, creativity and with more intricate skills to gather information, evaluate and communicate ideas relevant to their learning inside and outside the classroom. Through assigned curriculum-specific projects students access and use tools and information effectively and creatively, collaborate on projects, and practice responsible use of digital resources.

Middle School Grades: 5th through 8th

Our fifth through eighth grade students have the opportunity to apply many of the skills, tools, ethical behaviors, respect and responsibility in the application of technology throughout the curriculum through assignments and projects. Refining skills, such as advanced math programs, digital animation, and web design, are part of the lessons that apply specifically to instruction, taught by the content teachers and supported by the Library Media Specialist. Students access productivity and multimedia tools and software, design, develop and present products with technology, collaborate with peers to research problems, explore solutions, and communicate appropriately.


0003Frequent class visits are an essential part of the library program. Kindergarten through second grades participate in book selection, storytelling, and basic library instruction. Third through fifth grades focus on online catalog proficiency, material location skills, reference resource mastery, and an understanding of literary genre. Sixth through eighth grades utilize the library for recreational reading selection and class research projects. Special instruction is given on information literacy strategies, such as bibliographic citation, internet search techniques and resources, and understanding plagiarism and copyright standards. Our librarians are present during all class visits to aid in material selection, reference requests, and program direction. Our library supports our curriculum by providing quality reading, multimedia, and instructional materials to both faculty and students. Our collection of 18,000 volumes is balanced and responsive to the curriculum and recreational reading needs of our students.

Highlights include:

  • Weekly Library Time (Kindergarten through fourth grades)
  • Book Fairs
  • Research Assistance
  • Multimedia tools for classroom instruction
  • Book Discussion Groups

We are also are happy to provide parents and students with an online resource to see our book recommendations, view our amazon Wish List, showcase the new books added to our Library Media Center, and share additional online resources and apps. Click to view this resource!