A Solid Academic, Intellectual, and Spiritual Foundation 

Your student is tomorrow’s Christian citizen, leader, and culture-shaper. Our goal is your goal: raise up capable, courageous adults who can live out their faith in a rapidly-changing world, empowered to live a purposeful life.


  • 14:1 student to teacher ratio
  • 97% of students score above the national average on the SATs 
  • 4 is the average score for our students’ AP exams (3 is required for college credit), with our program receiving silver recognition for our AP offerings. 
  • The class of 2023 garnered $2.2 million in scholarships, with a National Merit semi-finalist and two National Merit commended students, indicating that they scored in the top 50,000 students in the country.

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With a rigorous curriculum taught through a biblical lens, our high school offers a distinct college-preparatory program. Through a unique module approach, international travel, and a focus on character and service, students develop holistically as they look to college or a career.

Capstone Projects

Year-long module courses challenge students to explore core areas of study to develop critical thinking, research, and presentation skills. Classroom and guest lectures, individual projects, field trips, research, and debate create an immersive learning experience. 

Fine Arts

In an exploration of painting, sculpture, architecture, music, theater, and dance, students establish basic knowledge and then complete a detailed project. Individual projects or performances are presented at a year-end showcase.

Exploring the fine arts expands students’ capacity to recognize and create beauty, challenges them to learn new skills, and provides an opportunity to work as a team in ensembles. 


Science, technology, engineering, and math are explored through design projects, in-depth research, debate and discussion, and exposure to real-world scenarios. Students complete and present a research project, deepening their understanding of these concepts. 

Through this module, students gain understanding of essential disciplines for a changing world and workforce, and understand them through a Biblical lens. 

Business Entrepreneurship

Students are immersed in foundational business concepts to develop their sense of stewardship, strategy, and creativity as they glean wisdom around leadership, public relations, and personal finance and economics. A Shark Tank-like competition challenges students to create, research, design, and pitch a small business concept.

We are blessed with many successful local businessmen and women who mentor and coach our students during this practical, immersive module.


After completing all modules, seniors participate in internship or externship placements in a selected area of interest. 

TravelTerm: Life as a Classroom

TravelTerm is a condensed semester woven into our high school curriculum. Students journey abroad and complete intensive coursework around history, geography, Bible, and practical life skills. This fast-paced immersive education allows students to discover new strengths and abilities, conquer new challenges, and broaden their perspective. Students see, taste, and experience first-hand what they have been studying.

Travel Includes: England & Scotland (Reformation Studies), Italy (Renaissance Studies), Africa (African Studies, Missions), Greece (Biblical Studies). Check out the highlights from a previous England and Scotland trip:

*TravelTerm was previously called Winterim

Developing Essential Life Habits

A private Christian school education goes beyond the head to shape the heart, fostering habits that help teens mature into flourishing adults. Scripture provides insight into the character traits needed for navigating complex world:


With ever-expanding technologies, reading, writing, and communicating now take place in many forms and with many audiences. Students must develop the skills to communicate clearly and effectively in all formats while learning to interpret messages with tiwsdom and discernment. Hebrews 5:14


Determination, strength of character, and resolve enable students to stay focused on achieving long-term goals. With grit, students stay committed in the face of adversity. 2 Peter 1:5-8


Students are not defined by success or failure, but through their identity as believers in Christ. They will develop the fortitude to deal with the hardships of life and press on because of the hope that is in their Savior. Lamentations 3:21-23


The essential life skill of valuing and appreciating people, opportunities, and blessings in life is not easily accomplished because it does not come naturally. Practicing the discipline of gratitude shapes character and leads to maturity. Colossians 2:7


Self-restraint is more than just saying no to the bad; it also includes posponing the good, knowing that God has something better. Learning to surrender the desire for what is unnecessary or excessive, and choosing God’s timely provision is a sign of Christian maturity. Titus 2:11-13


Empathy characterized the attitude and actinos of our Savior, who put the needs of others above his own. Growing in Christlikeness is growing in empathy, seeing and responding to the needs of those that God has placed in our path. Romans 12:15


As those who will one day be decision-makers, students learn the bibilical heritage of our nation and develop the civic responsibility that is critical to become the godly leaders and culture-shapers of America’s future. Titus 2:7-8


Immanuel students live as participants rather than spectators, engaged in constructive relationships, intellectual curiosity, problem solving, and passion for service. They discover how to invest their personal talents and skills in real-life opportunities for passionate and purposeful living. Romans 12:11

Social Intelligence

God designed humans to live in relationship with Him and with others. Through godly mentors and guided experiential learning, students develop habits of discernment and grace that will allow them to navigate complex social and emotional situations with Christlike character. Galatians 5:22-23

A Culture Centered on Scripture and Service

Service is a foundational pillar of the Immanuel Christian School K-12 curriculum, and service hours are a graduation requirement. Serving others – at school, at church, in the broader community – helps students exercise the muscles of their faith and is a reflection of a growing and mature relationship with Jesus Christ.

The high school participates in a campus-wide day of service, and high school students have the freedom to serve as they feel called, using their gifts throughout the year. Students choose to tutor, go on missions trips, coach sports, take care of yard work for elderly neighbors, crochet blankets for NICU babies, lay wreaths at Arlington Cemetery, and many other acts of service. Last year, 18 students received presidential commendations for their service hours. 


Every subject is approached from a biblical worldview; we want our students to understand the truth that Jesus Christ permeates all that we do, transforming our knowledge and how we approach scholarship. As a private Christian school, one of our chief aims is to help students develop a biblical worldview and integrate their faith into the various disciplines of study.

Our rigorous curriculum includes an opportunity for an Advanced Academic Diploma, a growing offering of AP courses and dual enrollment opportunities, and an intentional advisory program. For students who need minimal additional support, we provide an individualized plan to assist them and connect to the structured help needed for independent learning. 

AP Courses & Dual Enrollment

AP courses and Dual Enrollment courses are available starting sophomore year. Through a partnership with select colleges, your student can enroll in college-level courses, simultaneously receiving high school credits and credits that will transfer to their chosen college. Faculty work closely with Dual Enrollment students to assist them with assignments, deadlines, and proctoring exams.

Please see our course list for current AP courses.

Advisory Program and Student Services

Advisory is weekly intentional to support, challenge, and guide students. Every student connects with an faculty or staff member on a regular basis to receive academic, social, emotional, and spiritual encouragement, direction, and motivation.

Student services prepares students for college or career, with an experienced guidance counselor and registrar. Monthly seminars, regular college visits, and college/career assessment tools are available.

Our high school utilizes Naviance, a college and career readiness tools that allows students to search for colleges, assess how schools fit their needs, and track their application and submission process. 

For athletically gifted students, our Athletic Director helps to navigate the world of college athletics and pursuing scholarships and signings. 

Graduation Requirements


Standard and advanced diplomas are offered. ICS is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and diploma requirements are equivalent to Commonwealth of Virginia requirements for the Standard and Advanced Studies diplomas.

Capstone Projects

Participation in each year-long module course (Fine Arts, STEM, Business Entrepreneurship) is a requirement for graduation.

Senior Thesis

Students complete a 15-20 page comprehensive worldview thesis and conduct an oral presentation before a panel of faculty and administrators.

Topics have included: Human Genome Editing; Same-Sex Couples and Adoption; The Power of Military Intelligence: How the World is Impacted by New Age Warfare; On the Necessity of a Bidirectional Separation of Church and State; Portrayals and Prevention: Society and Harmful Behaviors in Entertainment; The Slippery Slope of Medical Euthanasia; The Uyghur Genocie; The Need for Technological Reform and Protections

Integrated Technology

Students are provided textbooks for all subjects with access to laptops as needed, as well as any supporting online materials which enhance classroom instruction. Students are given authentic tasks and project-based learning opportunities to develop necessary technological skills. Laptops are a tool to support and enhance education as we emphasize the benefits of interpersonal interactions between the students and teachers.

College Acceptances

Our graduates have gone on to attend prestigious colleges and universities across the country, studying subjects from fine arts to education to medicine.



Our vibrant community of spiritually mature, knowledgeable faculty and staff invest into the lives of students and students are provided with many opportunities to find lasting friendship as they grow and thrive.

Spiritual Life

High school students are being prepared for adulthood, so they must take ownership of their faith. Our desire is that all of our students will leave high school with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior, built on a foundation of truth.

In-Depth Daily Bible Class

An interactive, intensive Bible course provides extensive biblical, theological, scientific, and historical resources to help students define not only what they believe, but also why they believe it. Students study scripture as well as theology, western culture, worldviews, and apologetics, while wrestling with cultural trends and what it means to be a Christian in a post-modern age.

Discipleship Groups

These small single-gender that meet twice a week for a time of Bible study and prayer with a faculty or staff member. Our goal is to deepen students’ faith and foster community.

Weekly Chapel

Led by students, this is a time for the school body to come together for prayer, worship, and encouragement from God’s Word. Students also have the opportunity to lead chapel for lower grades throughout the year. 

Co-Curriculars, Athletics & Fine Arts

Character is developed and tested through community service, competition in over a dozen sports, and a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities.


Most co-curriculars are student-led, with a faculty/staff or parent advisor, and students are encouraged to start new opportunities. Current offerings include student government, National Honor Society, speech and debate, International Thespian Society, yearbook, and visual and performing arts clubs.


Athletics provide a God-glorifying avenue for student-athletes to developing Christ-like character. We are members of the Virginia Christian Athletic Conference (VCAC) & Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association (VISAA), playing schools around the area in soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, track and field, and other sports. Click here to learn more about our athletics program.

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Fine Arts

Fine arts disciplines are an opportunity for students to explore truth and beauty in God’s creation. In addition to the in-depth fine arts curriculum module, students can participate in plays, a worship ensemble, the International Thespian Society, and a number of growing co-curricular activities.



Our high school is a newly renovated four-story building that includes the latest in technology, multi-use spaces, science labs, a student center with student lounge, large and small group classrooms, fine arts space, clinic, outdoor balconies, auditorium, conference rooms for one-to-one teacher and student engagement, charging stations, lockers, and a lobby providing secure access to screened visitors. Athletic facilities are only a few minutes away at our K-8 campus and offer a gym, locker room, and field.

Located inside the beltway, at the intersection of 395 and 495, our high school campus is just 2 miles away from our K-8 facilities.