While the Bible makes it clear that the responsibility for raising children rests squarely on parents, it also makes it clear that parents don’t have do this alone. Likewise, Christian education can never be the work of the school by itself. It requires the support of the entire Christian community, including the home, the church, and friends who believe in the work that we are doing.

We have a clear vision and mission – to partner with families to inspire students for lives of learning, godliness and service. But we cannot do it alone.

We invite you to join with us!


The Partnership Fund

The Partnership Fund provides needed annual revenue to bridge the gap between tuition and education costs by supporting the mission-critical expenses. This fund is comprised largely from donations received from Serve-A-Thon, the Partnership annual event and other unrestricted gifts. Gifts of all amounts, both large and small, will continue to provide the opportunity for our talented students to develop the academic skills and spiritual depth they need to make a difference in the world.

Immanuel Bible Church also significantly underwrites the school ministry through the provision of classroom and office space, utilities and custodial support. Without this help and the gifts from parents and friends, tuition rates would be much higher. While tuition provides for the salaries and benefits of all ICS employees, there is a gap between the funds that tuition provides and the actual cost to educate each student.  A few of the programs supported by contributions made to the Partnership Fund are:

  • Academic, Athletic & Fine Arts Programs
  • Employee Salary Enhancements & Professional Development
  • Discovery Center & Enrichment Programs
  • Designated Giving for Program Enhancements
  • Classroom Furnishing and Supplies
  • Curriculum, Library, and Instructional Resources

Will you consider a significant gift to the Partnership Fund in your stewardship planning this year? Your gift may also be doubled if your employer has a matching gift program! Please see your Human Resources Department today.

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The McNally Fund

The McNally Fund for Christian Character-In-Action is designed to focus our attention upon the singular goal of Christian character education. That goal is the imitation of Jesus Christ Himself.

Dan McNallyDan McNally served as the Assistant Administrator at Immanuel Christian School from 1997 until his death from brain cancer in 2005. The McNally Fund is designed to provide scholarships for ICS graduates for programs and training that promote Christian Character-In-Action and is made possible through tax-deductible contributions and has two components:

  1. The annual McNally Award, presented to one eighth grade graduate who demonstrates exemplary Christian character. This $1,000 scholarship enables the recipient to benefit from training and service opportunities that promote character in action during the high school and college years up to age 22.
  2. An individual scholarship of up to $100, available to any student who has graduated from ICS, for training and service opportunities that promote character in action during the high school and college years up to age 22. Click to apply for the scholarship.

Will you consider a significant gift to The McNally Fund for Christian Character-In- Action in your stewardship planning this year? Thank you for prayerfully considering your investment!

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The Next Generation Technology Fund

Keeping our school at the forefront of technological and academic opportunity has always been a primary goal at Immanuel Christian School. Educating children effectively in today’s competitive and ever-changing world requires a significant investment of time, talent and resources.

Technology-Smart Board 035aActivBoard interactive white boards are installed in each classroom in kindergarten through 8th grade and they promote a dynamic learning environment. Our teachers find that this unique tool helps them to deliver content in completely new ways, facilitating the comprehension of concepts and the overall understanding of material on the part of their students. This technology provides tremendous support to our teachers in the form of resources and templates organized by subject matter and grade. Students are engaged by learning through interactive games, the use of colorful graphics, and access to web-based tools through these boards.

Below are just a few of the programs that contributions made to The Next Generation Technology Fund go toward:

  • Replacement and upgrades to instructional and classroom laptops
  • Online Instructional Resources
  • Laptops plus hardware for an Mobile Labs

We invite all who are interested to donate to this important cause in order to ensure the continued availability of today’s most up-to-date technology and resources to our students.

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Tuition Assistance Fund

This fund is a resource offered by the School Board of Immanuel Christian School to assist parents who demonstrate a genuine financial need in the pursuit of Christian schooling for their children. The program reflects our deep conviction that Christian education should be available to all children from Christian families, and not solely those from families who can financially afford tuition. Tuition assistance is awarded strictly on the basis of need in a completely confidential process. We do not award any athletic or academic merit scholarships.

Immanuel Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, or ethnic origin in its administration of financial aid, admissions, or school policies.

Will you consider a significant gift to The Tuition Assistance Fund in your stewardship planning this year?

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