The best time to prepare the body, mind and heart for life is in childhood. What we do with those valuable years will make all the difference in the life to come. The education of our children is not just our gift to their personal advancement and success. It is our obligation to the world and to the kingdom of God. Whatever career they eventually pursue, their joy and purpose in life will be found only in the pattern of God’s truth and the life He has made possible through Christ.

Immanuel Christian School is a place that helps families grow together. As a ministry of Immanuel Bible Church, we operate within a full range of family resources, Christian worship, spiritual training, biblical teaching and community service. We partner with families to bring about the opportunities of an uncompromising academic education empowered with the blessings of God’s church and the fullness of life in Christ that God intends for His children.

The purpose of education is to bring us into a fuller knowledge of God, His word and His world, and to increase our understanding of that life He has designed for us. In order to accomplish this, the pursuit of knowledge must always begin with reverence for the author and revealer of truth. Whether it is truth about social relationships, the purpose of life, or the multiplication of numbers, all truth is God’s truth and exists because God has ordained it so. To pursue education without regard for God and His revelation is to short-circuit the process of learning that was designed by God to bring blessing to mankind.

Education is not merely the acquisition of knowledge and skill,
but rather a foundation for wisdom and understanding.
Education is not merely a means for making a living,
but rather a means for learning how to live.

The power and perspective of this kind of education has no bounds for achieving and influencing great things for the future. There is no discipline or skill that lies outside the range of the fully-integrated pursuit of God’s truth. There are many subordinate purposes for education to advance temporary and personal interests, but no purpose is as comprehensive and satisfying as the discovery of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge that are hidden in God’s revelation to us.

Immanuel Christian School is a place where thousands of parents have found a safe haven for their families and their children. It is a place that partners with families, always looking far into the future, preparing a generation of young people who will someday take our place as parents, teachers and leaders.

I invite you to tour our website or call us for a personal tour of our school campus. Come see for yourself how we come alongside families, partnering with them, to inspire our students for purposeful lives of learning, godliness, and service.

In His Service,
Dr. Nathan Stevens
Head of School


Immanuel Christian School was named a 2015 National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education. Blue Ribbon status is conferred on public and private schools that have demonstrated superiority in their academic program, consistently high scores on standardized testing across all grade levels, relevance in their interaction with the surrounding community, and articulate, forward-leaning guidance from the school’s leadership. In order to apply for Blue Ribbon a school must meet an 85th percentile standardized testing threshold in math and reading scores for the current year.