As students desire to become more accomplished musicians, they are encouraged to join either Beginning Strings or Concert Orchestra. Strings and Concert Orchestra meet twice weekly and perform at the all school Christmas concert and present a concert for the entire student body at the end of the school year.

Our Beginning Strings classes introduce students to note-reading, instrument care, as well as proper posture and playing techniques unique to each instrument. Learning as a group can be fun and motivating for beginners as they learn from each other and experience the fun of simple, familiar songs as a class. Beginners can typically perform a piece at the Christmas program and join with the Concert Orchestra at the spring concert in May.

Classes learn music that will challenge them in new ways with new notes, rhythms and styles. As students become more confident in their playing, they see how they can use music to glorify God and bring joy to their friends and family.


As a service to parents, we offer elective, fee-based (above tuition), individual instrumental and voice lessons. Lessons are offered before school, after school and during school hours. Our instrumental and voice instructors are dedicated and talented musicians who desire to instill a love of music in students. Many of our instructors are professional musicians who play or sing for professional organizations including military bands.

Options for weekly private lessons varies from year to year based on instructor availability. Options may include:

  • Brass
  • Piano
  • Percussion
  • Voice
  • Strings
  • Woodwinds