At Immanuel, it is our desire that every student will become a follower of Christ. We are intentional in providing opportunities for our students to deepen their faith, ask questions and put their faith into action. We consider it a privilege to partner with parents in the spiritual formation of our students.

We offer developmentally appropriate opportunities for students to grow in their spiritual journey. Elementary students have chapel bi-monthly and our Middle School students have chapel weekly and these include worship, prayer, testimonies, small group discussion and guest speakers. High School students start every day as an entire school studying the Bible, discussing the culture and what the Bible has to say, and wrestling with hard questions. High school students worship together weekly during chapel.  Other aspects of spiritual life at Immanuel include:

  • Daily class devotions
  • Class service projects
  • Serve-A-Thon – a month-long focus of service
  • Field trip in Middle School to the Creation Museum
  • Bonus Verse Lunches with Mr. Danish to dive deeper into the Bonus Verses
  • Special assemblies featuring outside speakers


We believe Scripture memorization is important. The elementary and middle school years of education provide unique opportunities for memorization because children typically have

  • Extraordinary abilities for memorization.
  • Retention skills which can provide a lifetime opportunity for recall and application.
  • Sensitive hearts which respond to the Truth of Scripture.

In addition to grade-level memory verses, students at Immanuel are encouraged to participate in the Bonus Verse Club with our Head of School, Mr. Danish. Why an additional verse? The Bonus Verse is part of a school-wide incentive to help students take hold of important life principles that lead to maturity. In concert with the Character-In-Action program, which is designed to help students put their faith to work, the Bonus Verse speaks to spiritual formation issues and heart attitudes that should accompany our acts of service. Bonus Verses are brief biblical passages that teach a series of life principles; the kind of transforming principles that Paul spoke of for the “renewing of the mind” (Romans 12:2). They are called “Bonus Verses” because they offer an extra Bible memory challenge beyond the regular quarterly Bible memory assignments, and include a variety of annual prizes and incentives. While the quarterly assignments promote memorization for breadth across a wide range of biblical literature, the annual Bonus Verse, by comparison, promotes memorization for depth.

Students proudly wear their Bonus Verse bands as a reminder of the truths contained in each verse.

  The Bonus Verse allows opportunity for sustained focus on a single biblical theme for an entire year with a powerful “transformational” principle that can influence the very course of a student’s life.

Below are resources and grade-level memory verse listings provided as additional resources for parents and students.

Bible Memory Verses For Every Grade

15-Minute Bible Study Method

Step One: Read the Entire Passage Out Loud 10 Times.
  • Find a place where you can concentrate (no TV, radio, stereo or iPod).
  • Look up the passage in the Bible version you want to memorize. Have the printed passage in front of you with the reference.
  • Saying the reference first, in a slow, normal voice, read the passage out loud ten times. Read slowly enough to see it, say it, hear it and think it. This will get the sound of the verse in your ear and on your tongue. And it will help you begin to see the passage in your mind.
  • Believe it or not, every time you read a passage in this way, your brain is automatically starting to memorize it. If you do this step well, you will avoid other mistakes later in the process.
Step Two: Say the Reference 3 Times.
  • Next, read the reference once more while looking at it.
  • Then close your eyes and try to say it three times slowly.
  • If you have trouble, look at the reference again, read it out loud, and then try saying it again three times with your eyes closed.
Step Three: Say the Reference and First Phrase 3 Times.
  • Now read the reference and the first shortest phrase of the passage.
  • Remember to read it slowly enough to see it, say it, hear it and think it.
  • Then close your eyes and try saying the reference and the first phrase three times.
Step Four: Add Each Phrase and Say it 3 Times.
  • Continue adding one phrase at a time until you complete the passage.
  • Remember to look at the printed passage each time you add a phrase, reading everything slowly from the beginning.
  • Then say everything from the reference to the new phrase three times.
  • If you have trouble at any point, back up and repeat the previous step, and then try adding the new phrase again.
Step Five: Say the Entire Passage Perfectly 3 Times.
  • Read the entire passage one more time saying the reference first.
  • Then try to say all of it perfectly three times.
  • Again, if you have trouble at any point, back up and repeat the previous step, and then try adding the final phrase again until you can say everything.

For a more complete Bible memory method see “Mr. Danish’s Ten Step Bible Memory Method for Life.”

Mr. Danish's Bible Memory Helps

Bonus Verse for Current Year, Study Guide and Resources

JAMES 1:22-24

““But be doers of the word, and not hearers only,
deceiving yourselves. For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man who looks intently at his natural face in a mirror. For he looks at himself and goes away and at once forgets what he was like.”

James 1:22-24 (ESV)

Study Guide


Bonus Verses from Previous Years