To help you through the Admissions process, we’ve collected several common questions asked by families applying to Immanuel. And as always, please feel free to contact our Enrollment Manager anytime with additional questions or comments!

Q: When will the expansion of Immanuel Christian High School be finished?

Immanuel Christian High School opened in fall 2019 with twenty-eight ninth and tenth grade students and eleven full time and part time faculty and staff. Starting in fall 2021 our high school grade expansion is complete and we now offer a comprehensive kindergarten through high school program, with the ability to serve 200 high school students.

Q: What are the professional qualifications and credentials of the faculty?

All of our teachers are credentialed and many of our teachers hold graduate degrees. Moreover, our curriculum is comprised of both the Written Curriculum (textbooks, literature books and supporting materials) and the Living Curriculum (integration of a Biblical worldview into daily lessons). Our teachers are expected to inspire students using both means but the “Living Curriculum” at ICS creates a deeper, more personal impact than the written curriculum. Teachers are not just Christians, but mature, growing, passionate followers of Christ who desire to make a spiritual as well as an academic influence. “Living Curriculum” teachers are people who inspire students to use their knowledge, skills and talents to serve God throughout life.

Q: Why should I choose Immanuel Christian School?

Just walk through the doors and we think you will sense the warm, loving environment that is Immanuel Christian School. Combine that with challenging academics that prepare young people for life and eternity, plus an array of sports and enrichment activities, and you have a winning combination. We take our mission seriously – to partner with families to inspire students for lives of learning, godliness and service – and we welcome the opportunity to join with you in partnership as we impact the next generation for Christ.

Q: What are your health and safety measures for COVID?

We care about the health and safety for every student, employee, and parent at ICS. Our team of experts developed a comprehensive plan to address the unique needs of our community during COVID.

Please click the link below to read our health and safety measures.


Q: What are Parent Service Hours? Are parents required to serve?

Parent Service Hours allow us to involve parents more consistently in the life of our school and allows every parent to take ownership in the ministry of Immanuel Christian School. When our parents volunteer, they see us in a practical and personal way and stand shoulder to shoulder with other parents in service activities. At the same time, it extends tuition dollars by having volunteers perform some tasks that might otherwise have to be paid for through professional services.

Each family is required to serve 20 hours during the school year. Single-parent families fulfill half the number of service-hours. Parents who are unable to fulfill this expectation, due to extenuating circumstances, are required to pay a fee at the rate of $15 per unserved hour. Parents are given a means to report their service-hours to the school office and notices are sent once each semester. Opportunities to serve are solicited from the administration, faculty and staff as well as the PSO (Parent Service Organization).

Q: I have a 529 Plan. Can I use funds from this plan for tuition at ICS?

The recent tax reform law expanded 529 savings plans so that they now allow tax-favored savings for K–12 tuition expenses. The maximum distribution for K–12 tuition is $10,000 per year per child. Parents can now save for both college expenses and K–12 tuition expenses and the earnings will grow free of federal tax. Current 529 account owners may begin using these funds immediately for K–12 tuition expenses.

Many state 529 plans also provide state tax breaks for contributions to and distributions from 529 accounts. For example, Virginia currently allows Virginia taxpayers who are Virginia529 account owners to deduct their contributions up to $4,000 per account, per year, with unlimited carry forward to future tax years. Accounts may grow tax-deferred and are tax-free of Virginia taxes when distributions are used for qualifying expenses.

Consult your financial advisor to find out if a 529 plan is a good savings option for K–12 tuition in your specific circumstances.


How to Pay ICS Tuition with a 529 Plan


Q: Do you offer financial assistance? How can I apply?

We’re glad you asked this question! We earnestly desire to provide an exceptional, affordable, Christian education. The tuition rates we charge do not cover the full cost of an ICS education. In fact, every student’s tuition is subsidized by fundraising and the generous support of Immanuel Bible Church through the use of facilities and custodial support. Even with the additional support every student receives, some families still need additional financial assistance.

The deadline to apply for Tuition Assistance is March 15 for the fall of the upcoming school year. Tuition Assistance is needs based and the most any qualifying family receives is a 50% tuition discount. If seeking tuition assistance, both the online admissions application and the tuition assistance online application must be submitted by March 15. For more details about tuition assistance, click here.

Q: What are school hours?

Full Day Kindergarten – 8th Grade 8:20 AM – 3:05 PM with drop off beginning at 7:50 AM
High School 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM with drop off beginning at 7:30 AM
Before-School Care for K-8th students 7:00 – 7:50 AM
After-School Care for K-8th students 3:20 – 6:00 PM
Regular Office Hours 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Summer Office Hours 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Tuesday-Thursday


Q: How does ICS handle the issue of bullying?

Bullying is an international phenomenon and we are not exempt from the results of sinful behavior. However, we believe our emphasis on character development in all grades provides students with the strategies to develop positive interaction with their peers. An emphasis on conflict resolution skills and problem solving is presented through the use of the Junior Peacemaker curriculum published by Peacemaker Ministries. Our purposeful focus on character development builds life skills which equip students to solve problems in their classroom relationships and throughout their future in high school, in college and in life.

Q: How well prepared are ICS students for high school and beyond?

Our middle school graduates have made successful transitions to a variety of public and private high school programs. Many of those in public high school settings enroll in Honors, AP and International Baccalaureate courses. We often have graduates selected to attend one of the top public high schools in the nation, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Ultimately our graduates have the foundational skills to gain acceptance at some of the most selective colleges and universities such as The University of Virginia, William and Mary, Stanford, MIT, Wheaton, Grove City, and the Service Academies.

Upon the completion of our high school program our high school graduates will depart our school with critical thinking and writing skills, a strong foundation in math and science, an inquisitive mind to explore the world, hands prepared to serve, and a heart inclined towards Christ.

Q: What are options for lunch?

Students may bring a brown bag, lunch box or parents may purchase lunch/drinks (order online by 8 AM daily, weekly or monthly) through an online delivery service provided by a variety of local and national restaurants such as Chick-fil-A, Papa John’s pizza, Jimmy Johns Subs, etc.

Q: When should I apply?

The online application is available now! We have a rolling admissions process. The admissions office will begin scheduling interviews as early as January, prior to the coming school year. Re-enrollment for current families takes place in March, so it is at that time we will know how many spaces we will have available for the next school year.

Q: How many students attend Immanuel Christian School?

Enrollment typically exceeds 520 students in K-12th grades.

Q: Do you accept international students?

No. At this time, we do not have a program for international students and do not issue I-20 visas.

Q: What if there are no openings? Are applicants placed in a waiting pool?

Students may be placed in a waiting pool when the grade he or she is applying to is full. Generally, we have more qualified applicants than openings. After re-enrollment for current families in March, we will know how many openings we have in each grade. A student may remain in the waiting pool until a space becomes available, and may continue in the waiting pool even once the school year begins. A family will be contacted by the Enrollment Manager to schedule an interview once a space becomes available. If a space does not become available for the year the applicant desires, the application can transfer to the following school year. Updated academic records and reference forms will be required.