Our teachers are qualified both by professional training and experience and also by personal spiritual maturity.  ICS teachers sincerely care for their students and believe God has called them to this ministry.

Many of our teachers have earned master’s degrees, while others receive tuition support to further their professional development.  The important relationship between home and school is nurtured through regular communication.  Parents and teachers work together to build a common basis for Christian education and biblical child training.  Many opportunities for parent involvement cement the home-school relationship.

Our School Board, Classroom Service Parents, Parent-Teacher Fellowship, ICS Prayer Fellowship, and many other regular programs provide opportunities for service. We admit students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, while serving families who desire the distinctive qualities of a Christ-centered education.


All education may profit man’s relationship with man, but successful education also develops man’s relationship with God. Sound character is rooted in our relationship with God and is demonstrated in our relationship with man. Our faculty and staff inspire students to develop positive peer influences. Students learn to serve and pray for each other. Our students are encouraged to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Daily Bible instruction, prayer, Christian discipline, chapel services, community service projects and a conscious integration of faith and learning help students to live a life in obedience to Jesus Christ.


We have a long history of academic excellence. In comparison with national norms, the average ICS student scores in the top 20% on standardized achievement tests. However, we do not “teach to the test.” Our curriculum is Christ-centered, challenging, and designed to help students gain essential tools for academic success. Parents can anticipate that our students will be nurtured in a godly atmosphere while learning in an environment that maintains high standards.


The Christian education we provide is a lifelong investment influencing every aspect of a young person’s life. Our tuition rates reflect a sincere desire by our leadership to offer an affordable Christian education.  We provide a program of financial assistance for families that demonstrate genuine financial need. Trusting God for tuition may be challenging, but God provides financial resources to parents every year and assurance that the sacrifice is worth it.


Biblical Approach

Students learn best when they have opportunities to put into practice what is taught. The same is true for biblical truths. We want our students to be doers of the word and not just hearers. We provide service opportunities so students can put their faith into action. All subjects are taught by spiritually mature educators who integrate a biblical worldview into the curriculum.

Involved Parents

Welcoming community offering fellowship events, excellent communication and school-home partnership is valued. Ample opportunity for parent involvement; required parent service hours of 20 hours per year.

Updated Facilities

New construction completed in 2011 adding a Science Lab, a security office, a fine arts venue, a dedicated lunchroom, an updated gymnasium, and upgraded athletic field. A Kindergarten wing provides separate classroom space and restrooms for our youngest learners.

Campus: 14 acres, 600,000 sq. ft. with library and media center, art/music room, lunchroom, expansive playground.

Interactive Classrooms

All classrooms are are wired with SMART flat panels and can support mobile computer labs.

Gifted and Support Programs

Expansive Curriculum

Art, Athletics, Bible, After School Clubs, Middle School Electives, English/Grammar, History/Social Studies, Math, Music, Orchestra, Physical Education, Reading, Science, Foreign Languages, Technology