School is more than an education for the mind. It is also an education for the soul. We were created for fellowship with our God and with others. At ICS we intentionally create opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction outside of the confines of a classroom. Our students serve together, play together, eat together and compete together. These are the lifelong friendship-building opportunities. Just look around and see our graduates as they return for activities and stop by during college breaks to walk our hallways and spend time with our teachers.

We also provide opportunities for parents to get to know other parents as well as our faculty. Friendships are made during the Back-to-School picnic, at Grandparents’ Day, at our Spaghetti Dinner, on class field trips, praying together for our students and serving alongside students on a class service projects. The opportunities are endless but the outcome is the same; spending time together creates bonds that last a lifetime.



Mentor. Friendship. Peer. These words describe the benefits students gain through daily interaction with faculty who consider their career a calling. Opportunities for purposeful interaction are numerous throughout the week when faculty and students learn, eat, and worship together during chapels. Our teachers engage with students in transformative discussions and positively influence the social dynamics of our school. Our desire is that everyone, from Kindergarten to High School, will be known by name by their peers, make friendships across grade levels, and feel a sense of belonging.


Our Character-in-Action program is how we guide students to leading a godly life. This program is integrated into every corner of our campuses through chapel programs, class service projects, and school-wide opportunities to serve others. Service is at the heart of who we are. We believe these are the types of habits that will shape the hearts of future servant-leaders and there is no better time to start than now.