Young adults live in a time of increasing opportunity, with multiple false truths vying for their attention and hearts. To help ensure they are prepared and shepherded to become the next generation of disciples, leaders, parents and citizens, every student needs support, direction, accountability and avenues to discover and develop their gifts in the process of discerning who and whose they are. It is our desire for students to come of age in a supportive, spiritual environment in partnering with us.

They are searching for a place to belong, at times relying too heavily on peer acceptance, affirmation and feedback. They face increased pressures regarding risk behaviors while exploring the boundaries and tenets of more selfless behavior and mature, meaningful relationships and decision making. They must learn to manage academic pressures as they face high-stakes testing, the challenges of college admissions, the scholarship and financial aid application process and entrance into a competitive job market, while also wrestling with the importance and challenges of claiming their faith as their own. It is at this point of intersecting life experiences our staff of educators and paraprofessionals has positioned itself to serve our students and families.

We offer advanced and accelerated course options and tracks of study as well as a rich and varied curriculum. Our high school curriculum provides exceptional academics as well as life skills, and real world experience. Our trimester schedule allows for more opportunities for students to explore exciting electives of their own choosing. For students who need additional support, we will provide an individualized plan to assist them and access to the structured help they need to continue to flourish academically as independent learners.

Our High School Guidance Department exists to support the mission of Immanuel Christian High School by removing barriers to learning and promoting the intellectual and spiritual growth of its students. Inherent in this mission is the goal of helping each student discover his or her gifts, strengths, and talents with a view to using them for God’s glory in His kingdom.

Personal And Spiritual Counsel

Issues arise in the lives of students and their families that make academic and spiritual growth difficult. We are committed to helping families with those issues to ensure, as best we can, a positive academic experience at our school. Our guidance counselor and Community program helps in this pursuit.

Our Guidance Department does not work in isolation; rather they partner with others involved in a student’s development of heart and mind, including parents, the Campus Ministries Team, teaching faculty, athletic and artistic coaches and others. They provide proactive leadership that engages all stakeholders in the delivery of programs and services critical to student academic, spiritual, social and professional success in school.

Lay counseling is available at no cost to Immanuel Bible Church members and on a case by case basis to regular IBC attenders and all urgent needs. The Care and Counseling office maintains a large database of local area Christian professional counselors and would be happy to suggest referrals.

It is important to know that our school does follow mandatory reporting guidelines. Should circumstances arise in which abuse or neglect is suspected with regard to one of our students, a report to the proper authorities will be made. Also, in the case that a student expresses thoughts of hurting him or herself, suicidal thinking, or seriously harming another, it is our school’s procedure to require that an outside psychological evaluation be done prior to allowing this student to return to school for his or her own safety, as well as the safety of the school environment as a whole. Following the resulting treatment recommendations will also be required with ongoing documentation provided to the school.

Academic Counsel

Our Guidance Counselor will offer timely and individualized help in setting goals and selecting courses for each year. When necessary, the guidance office will intervene with specific Student Intervention Plans (SIPs) to address the special learning needs of some of our students. Within each plan there are delineated responsibilities for the student, teacher, and parents. Academic accommodations are made for students who have been properly evaluated by appropriate testing and are included in the SIP. Plans in math and science classes begin in middle school to ensure students are appropriately challenged as high school approaches.

Vocational, educational and personal guidance are vital components of the Immanuel Christian High School guidance program. While we do not offer testing we can refer students to professionals who can provide insight and understanding to students and collaborate with professionals and family members to help them resolve their problems using a Christian perspective. Group guidance activities will also occur through Community Time and Bible as well as chapels and advisor/advisee group meetings. Individual mentoring will also be available.

College And Career Guidance

In eleventh grade, specific guidance toward post-high school decisions will begin. Although academic counseling begins sooner, the details of the college decision-making process will begin in September of the junior year. Immanuel Christian High School will utilize Naviance, a digital planning tool that allows students to search for colleges, assess how their achievement aligns with a potential school, and track their application submission process.

Collegiate Athletic Advising

Our Athletic Director will start by helping parents and students understand the world of college athletics and what activities the student and parent need to be involved in to pursue the available options. Students and parents, with the support of the Athletic Director, will narrow down a range of schools that meet their academic needs and determine the specific level (NCAA Division 1, 2, 3, NAIA, JUCO, NCCAA, etc) that is a best fit athletically.

College Acceptances

The University of Alabama Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University University of Mississippi United States Air Force Academy
American University Fordham University University of Montevallo United States Coast Guard Academy
University of Arkansas George Mason University University of New Hampshire Vanderbilt University
Auburn University Gordon College New York University Virginia Commonwealth University
Baylor University Grove City College North Carolina State University Virginia Military Institute
Belmont Abbey College Hampton University University of North Dakota Virginia Tech
Belmont University Hillsdale College Northern Virginia Community College University of Virginia
Berklee College of Music Hope College Patrick Henry College Washington and Lee University
Biola University James Madison University Pennsylvania State University University of Washington
Bob Jones University University of Kentucky Pepperdine University West Virginia University
University of California, San Diego Lee University University of Pittsburgh Western Colorado University
Carlow University LeTourneau University Purdue University Wheaton College
Cedarville University Liberty University Samford University William & Mary
University of Central Florida Longwood University Shenandoah University  
College of Charleston University of Louisville Simmons University  
Christopher Newport University University of Mary Washington University of Southern California  
Citadel Military College of South Carolina University of Maryland Sweet Briar College  
Colorado State University Marymount University Taylor University  
University of Delaware Merrimack College Texas A & M University  
Drexel University Messiah University Texas Christian University