At their very core, all students want to be known and to know others. We were created to live in relationship both with our Creator and with others.


One of the great privileges of Christian education is to provide students with opportunities to reach their highest, God-given potential. At Immanuel, our students flourish in an atmosphere of encouragement to take intellectual risks and discover the furthest limit of their gifts and abilities. The scope of grade-level and school-wide activities opens a world of possibilities through extensions to the class curriculum, athletic competition, and community service. The ICS family is committed to the spiritual formation of children, so we partner with parents to promote an educational environment that honors scripture memorization and the application of God’s Word in a personal, relevant way. At ICHS, advisory groups provide the opportunity to develop healthy relationships with peers and mentors.


At Immanuel, we believe that a life of character begins with service. Through ongoing class service projects, our students experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with meeting the needs of others. From visits by second and third grade students to nursing home residents to eighth grade students engaging with children who have moderate to severe learning disabilities at a parents’ day-out program in McLean, our students gain authentic opportunities to enrich their own lives as they reach out to others.


On and off the fields of competition, Immanuel athletes invest themselves in physical fitness, sportsmanship, and achieving their personal best in the context of team success. ICS teams participate in the Capital Athletic Conference, whose bylaws and banners emphasize sportsmanship. At the Athletes Awards Assembly each year, individuals who have displayed outstanding character, win or lose, receive the coveted PACE Award. While our boys and girls soccer, cross-country, basketball, lacrosse, and softball teams have enjoyed many winning seasons, it is winning with grace and humility that characterizes the Immanuel athlete.

The faculty and administration of Immanuel recognize the essential role of the larger community in encouraging students to achieve personal and academic success. Partnership with parents and a close relationship with our sponsoring body, Immanuel Bible Church, are vital to the mission of our school. Parent-Teacher Fellowship, Parent Service Teams, Parents In Prayer, and the regular involvement of parents in the life of the classroom through Parent Service Hours are the elements of life at ICS that insure communication, cooperation, and connection. When parents, teachers and administrators enjoy a harmonious relationship, children feel that support and individual achievement and confidence soar.