Thank you for your interest in Immanuel Christian School! Our step-by-step admissions process is designed to provide ample opportunity for your family to get to know our school—and for us to get to know you and your child. As always, feel free to contact us if you have questions about any of the steps below or the online application process. Inquiries for entrance to all grades are welcome throughout the year.

The following steps will be helpful in guiding your family through the admissions process.


STEP 1: Schedule a Tour or Attend an Admissions Preview Day

Attend one of our Admissions Preview Events:

  • for K-8th grades, on select Fridays.
  • for high school, on select Tuesdays.

Schedule a private tour: Contact our Admissions Office by phone at 703-941-1220 or email to schedule a private visit, tour our campus and to observe classes in session.

STEP 2: Complete the Online Application


Click to return to your in-process application.


Click to create an application account.

After you create an account you will be instructed on how to complete the online application. The application fee is paid online and due upon submission of the completed application.

A completed application file includes a signed Statement of Belief and Parent Agreement (signed in the application), submission of copies of previous school records (including all educational testing) when applicable, and supplemental reference forms. A birth certificate or birth verification record is required for all applicants. A student will not be scheduled for testing without submission of the above forms and an application fee of $150 ($75 for each additional sibling). If an assessment or additional review is necessary, the range of the fee is $50 – $125.

STEP 3: Submit School Records and Evaluation Forms

1. Submit the last two years of academic records (report cards and any standardized testing) if available.

2.  Submit supplemental forms found in the Online Application Parent Portal.

  • Kindergarten applicants: Preschool Teacher Questionnaire and Parent Statement Form.
  • 1st-8th grade applicants: Teacher Reference Form, Parent Statement Form, and Administrator/Counselor Reference Form.
  • High School applicants: Teacher Recommendation, Parent Questionnaire, Student Insight, and Administrator/Counselor Reference Form.

The teacher and administrator/counselor should complete the evaluation forms and email, mail or fax (703-563-3772) to the school office.

Please note that an applicant’s file is not considered complete until all reference forms and academic records have been received in our office.

STEP 4: Schedule Student Assessment

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Applicants:
An in person developmental assessment or student observation may be needed to determine readiness for admission. Our Enrollment Manager will contact you to schedule an assessment or observation if needed. See Tuition and Fee Schedule for the range of fees.

3rd-HS Applicants:
Nationally standardized achievement testing (in person) may be necessary. Our Enrollment Manager will contact you to schedule testing if needed. See Tuition and Fee Schedule for the range of fees.

STEP 5: Attend Parent Interview

All prospective parents interview with a principal and another member of our admissions team. Interviews are approximately one hour in length.

Students applying to our middle school (5th – 8th grade) or high school (9th-12th grade) are required to have an interview with the Upper School principal. Students applying to our elementary school (K-4th grade) may be asked to come for a student visit.

STEP 6: Receive Notification of Decision

Applications for the current year are reviewed as soon as eligible applicant files are completed.

Completed applications for the upcoming school year are reviewed beginning in January. Kindergarten applicants are admitted beginning in late January/early February. 1st-12th grade applicants are notified of their status in late February/early March, once re-enrollment is complete and available numbers for class openings are known. At this time, applicants are notified of their status:

  • Acceptance: These students are qualified to attend Immanuel Christian School and show promise of not only benefiting from but also contributing to the school. These students are offered enrollment positions. The school’s offer must be accepted or declined by the date specified on the Acceptance Letter. A non-refundable enrollment deposit must also be submitted within three days of the offer.
  • Wait Pool: These students are still considered for enrollment but all available enrollment positions have been filled. Instead of being offered an enrollment position, a wait pool position is offered. Wait pools are NOT prioritized waiting lists and students are re-evaluated for available openings when one occurs. If an opening arises in a grade, the Enrollment Manager and the admissions team will determine which applicant in the wait pool best fills the enrollment position. The wait pool does not carry over from year to year. Placement in the wait pool one year does not influence admission decisions for any following year in which the student reapplies.

Regular monthly payments begin in June. Several payment plans are available for paying the balance. See the Tuition and Fee Schedule for details.

STEP 7: Pay Your Deposit

Decide to enroll? Great! We can walk you through the final step. A deposit is due upon acceptance to reserve a place for your child. Regular monthly payments begin in June. Several payment plans are available for paying the balance. See the Tuition and Fee Schedule for details.

Need more time? We are happy to work with you to provide you additional time, depending on circumstances, and additional information. We are here to help!

Download Our Admissions Checklist


Applications may be submitted anytime. Please review the information below to better understand when we review and admit new students.

FIRST ROUND REVIEW DEADLINE: Completed Applications Submitted Prior to March 1

Completed applications* for 1st-8th grades are typically reviewed in early January. Families are notified of an opening after March 1, which is the deadline for reenrollment for currently enrolled ICS students. Reenrollment must be completed in order to determine the number of openings in each grade. The admissions decision will be directly communicated to parents by email or phone.

Completed kindergarten applications* are reviewed in early January. This allows our youngest learners time for their preschool teachers (or parent) to complete a Teacher Recommendation based on several months of observation. Student screenings are scheduled in mid/late January and family admission interviews begin in February.

*A completed application includes report cards and all supplemental forms. Additional information and testing for all applicants may be required depending on records provided.

PENDING AVAILABLE SPACE: Completed Applications Submitted After March 1

Completed applications* submitted after March will be reviewed pending available openings. The admissions decision will be directly communicated to parents by email or phone.

Families who are offered a spot will need to submit a deposit to secure their child’s place.

*A completed application includes report cards and all supplemental forms. Additional information and testing for all applicants may be required depending on records provided.


High School applications may be submitted on a rolling basis. Completed applications are reviewed within two weeks of submission and applicants are notified if additional information or testing is needed. Student and family interviews are scheduled following the review process, pending available openings.


We offer opportunities both during the admission process and after a student is admitted to get to know us better. We hope you take advantage of these options!

Just Around The Corner Meeting

This orientation meeting explains the developmental philosophy and classroom expectations of each grade. Scheduled in the spring, this is a parents-only meeting for parents with students entering kindergarten through eighth grade (for prospective and currently enrolled families).

This year, our Just Around The Corner is virtual. Click to watch videos of what each grade holds in store next year.

Meet The Leadership Meetings

This 30-minute informal meeting scheduled on Back-To-School nights, provides opportunity for newly enrolled families to hear from our Head of School, meet members of the School Board and administration. We hope this introduction is the first opportunity to develop a warm and engaging partnership with our school leadership.


We know the admissions process can feel long and drawn out sometimes but once completed we want to help new families and students transition successfully into our community.

STEP 1: Be Informed About Starting School

Parents will receive regular electronic communications throughout the summer containing a list of school supplies needed, a calendar of events for the school year, carpool information and uniform information.

All new families will be provided a sponsor family to answer questions and help with the transition to a new school. New students in 2nd-8th grades will be paired up with a currently enrolled student to help answer questions and be a friendly face on the first day of school.

STEP 2: Complete Health Requirements

Virginia Health Form must be submitted by August 1, prior to the start of school. We also need a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or verification of birth record.

STEP 3: Complete Online School Forms

New parents will be asked to create an account for our school database (the link with be provided) to complete emergency contact information, field trip authorizations, and submit required forms for the start of school.