The arts play an important role at Immanuel Christian School and students in every grade are exposed and refine their artistic abilities as they grow and develop. In Middle School, students can choose from robust fine arts electives, as well as participate in several plays and ensembles, in order to develop their growing skills. 


The mission of the ICS Band program is to glorify God through playing musical instruments (Psalm 150:1-5) and to assist students in achieving their potential as they develop confidence, leadership, responsibility, and high standards of excellence and character. Students learn basic music notation, instrument specific skills, and ensemble performance techniques. Learning to play an instrument provides a student with skills that enhance their ability to learn, listening skills, and nurtures their character. We explore students’ unique God-given musical talents to determine what musical instrument is best suited for them and their needs. A worship band ensemble and a hand chime ensemble are also available for student participation.




Students can choose either violin, viola, or cello and over the course of the school year, work to build skills in proper instrumental technique, music theory, rhythm practice and ear training. Through individual learning and ensemble playing, students grow in individual confidence, collaborative teamwork, and hearts for ministry and service. There are several performance opportunities throughout the year where students are able to share their learning with the school and bless those around them.





The goal of the middle school choir is to worship the Lord in song with excellence. As part of the course, students develop skills in vocal production, music literacy, ensemble, musicianship, and much more. There are several performance opportunities over the course of the year where students can showcase their learning. Through choir, students discover the joy of making music and find it an integral mode of expression in worship and daily life.






Drama class focuses on the fundamentals of drama. Students are introduced to the major elements of drama including setting, cast of characters, dialogue, stage directions, and scenes. They have an opportunity to work on voice inflection and projection. Using games and group work we are establishing the building blocks of drama! 






Studio Arts Class provides students with a working knowledge and understanding of core foundational principles required to design and complete any great work of art. Students experience theory balanced with practice and learn art history from a Christian perspective to deepen understanding. Students are taught with encouragement, feedback, and flexibility to cultivate deep-rooted creativity and developed craft, while also exploring ways to deepen the meaning of their own artwork and recognize art and design in everyday life.