Private Kindergarten Immanuel Christian SchoolOur kindergarten classrooms are some of the best in Northern Virginia and are located in a secure, private wing. All learning spaces are purposefully designed to stimulate creativity and curiosity about the world. Children thrive in an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement, individual attention, and the use of best practices in curriculum and instruction. Learning is enhanced through hands-on experiences in organic gardening, farm and pond field trips, theater plays and the study of arts. Our children become a community of learners as they explore as a community of doers. At the end of a successful year in kindergarten, students move forward to the next academic level, confident and ready.

Kindergarten is a foundational year for understanding the rhythms of a school day. This critical first year also helps guide children as they make assumptions about learning and apply those to their daily experiences. At Immanuel, we allow students to build on natural curiosity through experiential learning. This style of learning creates inquisitive and critical thinkers. With a low faculty-to-student ratio, our teachers provide individual attention and unparalleled support.


Our experienced kindergarten faculty set the stage for learning and bring curriculum to life. In every classroom, there is one lead teacher and one teaching assistant. With careful attention to each student’s learning style, they work together to actively engage classes, fostering an enthusiasm for learning. Our teachers are mentored and evaluated annually, are aware of the most up-to-date materials and best practices and share discoveries with their colleagues.

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Discovery Inside and Outside The Classroom

Our private kindergarten program offers numerous activities and field trips that add to educational enrichment. Some favorite activities include:

  • Class Activities
    • Hat Day
    • Thanksgiving Feast
    • Nativity Play
    • Garden and Cooking Projects
    • Mother’s Day Tea
    • 100th Day Celebration
  • Field Trips
    • Great Harvest Bread Company
    • Frying Pan Park
    • Theatreworks USA
    • Hidden Pond

Reading & Writing

Following the Kid Writing Approach, kindergarten students begin learning how to read and write using phonemic awareness skills integrated into phonics. Kindergartners are encouraged to begin the writing process the first day of school. Developmentally appropriate literature is used to teach character, develop themes and increase their understanding of parts of speech.

Social Studies

Friendship and teamwork is stressed throughout the school year through various activities as kindergartners develop a sense of self in relation to the community. The students weave biblical principles of the Fruits of the Spirit into their hands-on study of their community and those who are responsible for its safety.


The Everyday Math curriculum gives a framework for understanding numeration and its symbols and introduces students to the order of the mathematical world. Discovery of mathematical problems and solutions is integrated throughout the day using math manipulatives and in coordination with language, social studies and science units.


Living and non-living organisms, animal habitats, and insect life cycles fascinate students as they explore patterns of change in the natural world and study gardening throughout the year. Investigation of the natural environment allows students to begin their understanding of scientific thinking and develop hypotheses. Scientific investigation and observation also opens doors to understanding God’s world.


Biblical integrations are woven throughout all areas of learning. Students learn through Bible stories that God has a plan and purpose for their lives, and that He loves and cares for them like a shepherd looks after his sheep. In the nature and gardening units, they observe the order and beauty of God’s creation. Students begin Bible verse memorization through choral reading of Psalm 100, songs, and poems.


In this introduction to choral music, the children listen to music and musical notes in order to match the pitch. Echo clap rhythms and the echo of simple melodies, and well as recognition of a steady beat, help students prepare songs for Christmas.


Kindergarteners are introduced to color and its variety of uses in art class. The students learn about the history of the color wheel and its importance in the world of art education today. Kindergarteners will then begin to explore the use of cool and warm colors to create pictures. They will create drawings by using techniques that famous artists like O’Keefe and Picasso and used.  Students will also be introduced to other art medium like clay and weaving.



Students have 30-minute, weekly classes that focus on acquiring vocabulary, developing listening and inference skills, and speaking basic conversational phrases. Classes combine music, games, and hands-on activities to encourage long-term retention.

Physical Education

The PE program for kindergarten emphasizes the importance of personal fitness, sportsmanship, athletic skills, healthy eating, and affirmative social relationships.

Want to see what a day in our kindergarten class is like?
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