December 2016

Our hallways undergo a dramatic transformation at the end of every quarter.  They are lined with folding chairs as dozens of parents sit face-to-face with students reciting Bible verses.  The school is filled with the sound of young voices speaking the inspired words, words which God breathed into existence thousands of years ago.  This is a priority that does not exist in most schools today.  The question is, does it matter?

A few years ago, a kindergarten student came to my office to recite a Bible verse.  After she finished, I took two books from my shelf, a Bible and a textbook, and held them up.

“What is the difference between these two books?” I asked.

Pointing to the textbook, she said, “That one is from a person.  Some of it is true and some of it is not.  But that one,” she added, pointing to the Bible, “is from God, and it’s all true.”

What a beautifully simple but powerful statement.  God’s Word is unique because it is completely true and speaks with power for everyday life.  While this can be understood by a kindergartener, it is often the first point of departure for many respected institutions that were once biblically grounded but have now become indistinguishable from the moral confusion of most other secular organizations.

Why do we give such emphasis to the Bible at ICS?  The reason is not just spiritual; it is also educational.  We believe a person cannot be fully educated or prepared for life without coming to terms with God’s great revelation.  His revelation comes to us first in the full expanse of the cosmos.  This says to us with intuitive force that God exists, that He is there.  But God’s revelation becomes more specific in the written words of scripture, telling us that God has communicated, that He is not silent.  But the ultimate revelation is even more special.  It penetrates to the heart of every human being.  It is the Gospel message in the life of Jesus telling us that God has come, that He is with us.

Many people either do not know or do not believe these great revelations from God.  And that is why Christian education is so important, because these truths change our understanding of the purpose of life.  At ICS, we partner with families to inspire their children for purposeful lives.  This cannot be done apart from God’s great revelation of truth.

Soon, we will celebrate the season of Christmas, a season filled with many things.  But for those of us at Immanuel Christian School it is a time to celebrate the ultimate truth:  God has come to save us, He is with us now and He is coming again.

Celebrating the Ultimate Revelation,
Stephen E. Danish
Head of School

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