At Immanuel, we endeavor to spark a student’s interest, respect, and curiosity about theater and to develop his or her creative expression and self-confidence while reinforcing qualities and values of empathy and collaboration. Students are provided opportunities to develop strong public speaking skills

A series of theater activities and exercises introduces our students from kindergarten to eighth graders graders to drama activities. Kindergarten students present a highly anticipated living nativity play each Christmas season. Our third grade students end a unit of study in social studies on the westward expansion as they present a play to students and parents. Our fourth graders combine their musical and acting talents in a drama and solve The Case of the Missing Parts of Speech. Fifth grade students learn the art of lighting and stage design as they present the classic play, Julius Caesar. Our sixth graders present a musical and drama as part of our Christmas program in front of an audience of 1,000 or more students and guests. During electives for our sixth, seventh and eighth graders, students have the opportunity to develop develop a foundation in the dramatic arts. All students  participate in games, improvisations, and writing tools which teach students the basics of acting and character development while fostering creativity and improving stage presence, public speaking, and listening skills.