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High School Info Packet for Prospective Parents

"ICS understands what it means to develop not only academically strong students, but also young Christian men and women who know how to make a difference in the lives of others."

Sam - Class of 2006

Alumni, Immanuel Christian School

5252 Cherokee Avenue, Springfield, VA 22151

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  • How customized academics, including accelerated courses and individualized support, help students reach their potential 

  • What extracurricular programs are offered at ICS, and how these activities allow students to discover their unique passions 

  • How students live out their faith and mature in their relationships with Christ through service projects, international travel, and consistent character education

  • The full range of course offerings at ICHS, including core classes, electives, and career-prep modules such as STEM, business, fine arts, and Bible

What You’ll Learn in the Packet

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6915 Braddock Road   |   Springfield, VA 22151

6915 Braddock Road 
Springfield, VA 22151

5252 Cherokee Avenue    Alexandria, VA 22312

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Give Your Student the Lifelong Advantage of a Christian College & Career Prep Program

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The Winterim term for Immanuel Christian students will take them around the world for life-changing cultural, missions, and biblical studies experiences that will impact your child and their faith the rest of their life. Before graduation, they will see the birthplace of the Reformation in England and Scotland, explore ancient civilization in Italy, immerse themselves in short-term missions in Rwanda, and journey to the Holy Land for biblical studies.

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Where to Find Us

Our two campuses are conveniently located in the heart of Fairfax County, serving families in northern Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

Why do parents choose ICHS?

Main Campus    |    6915 Braddock Road    |    Springfield, VA 22151

 High School Campus   |    5252 Cherokee Avenue    |    Alexandria, VA 22312

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Watch our high school program presentation to learn more:

at Immanuel Christian High School

Give Your Student the Lifelong Advantage of an Innovative, Christ-centered Education

See how students in grades 9-12 thrive at ICS in Alexandria, VA!



Image of royal guards in London


Image of royal guards in London
Image of royal guards in London


England & Scotland



Israel: The Holy Land

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Whether through an extracurricular activity or in the classroom, students build positive peer relationships in a socially safe culture.

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Students are challenged and supported as they engage a rigorous curriculum and prepare for success in college.

Students are educated and mentored by Bible-believing teachers who infuse a Christian worldview into every subject area.

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"To have our daughter at ICS means that she is literally surrounded in all aspects of her life - at home, at church, and at school - with positive Christian values. We view ICS as a partner in helping her develop in Christ, to grow academically, and to become the kind and engaged citizen in our community that we want her to be. 

"It is also very important that the quality of the secular aspects of her education be top-notch. ICS has the type of educational programming that will prepare my daughter for success. We can think of no better place for our daughter and ultimately, our whole family, to be a part of."

ICS Parent

at Immanuel Christian School

Because of a quick and efficient pivot to distance learning, our school community has thrived during the COVID-19 crisis. Our teachers, staff, and students have shown incredible creativity and ingenuity to develop an even stronger community rooted in faith, academics, and fun!

Distance Learning