Sometimes it’s nice to know that other leaders in education see the good work we’re doing. Sometimes the news is too good that it becomes a genuine occasion to celebrate with our community. Sometimes the news is so good that it becomes a genuine occasion to celebrate with our community. Being named a Blue Ribbon School is one of those times. We think you’ll agree.

Immanuel Christian School was named a 2015 National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education. Immanuel Christian School was one of only fifty private schools nationally and one of only five private schools in Virginia to be designated as a National Blue Ribbon School that year. The award is based on our school’s overall academic excellence or progress in improving student academic achievement.

While awards are one way to validate the excellent work of our faculty they will never replace the smile on the face of a proud student who finishes a difficult assignment or a sincere thank you expressed by a grateful parent. These are the awards that our teachers appreciate the most.


What is the Blue Ribbon Award?

Blue Ribbon status is conferred on public and private schools that have demonstrated superiority in their academic program, consistently high scores on standardized testing across all grade levels, relevance in their interaction with the surrounding community, and articulate, forward-leaning guidance from the school’s leadership. In order to apply for Blue Ribbon a school must meet an 85th percentile standardized testing threshold in math and reading scores for the current year.

What did ICS do to receive Blue Ribbon status?

The ICS leadership began the application process for this year’s award in the summer of 2014 when members of the faculty and staff met to coordinate the self-study and report writing that is required to meet the stringent standards for Blue Ribbon. Over the next months, various members of the office staff and faculty contributed information for inclusion in the application. By the time the final document was ready, it had been thoroughly reviewed by the school leadership and was submitted in January 2015.

The Blue Ribbon application from ICS noted the many innovative and proven instructional methods employed by teachers at each grade level and subject area.

Advances in our technology program, authentic opportunities for community service and consistent improvement in standardized testing scores were all described. Most important, however, was the honest characterization of Immanuel Christian School as an institution whose purpose is to teach students biblical truth and whose mission is to partner with families to inspire our students for lives of learning, godliness and service.

What advantage is there in being a Blue Ribbon school?

On November 8th, 2015, in a ceremony in Washington, D.C., Head of School Steve Danish received a congratulatory plaque and flag from the Secretary of Education. In addition, the DOE website includes the location and description of ICS – this publicity is available to families who are looking for a private school in our locale.

We thank the Lord for this recognition and pray that He will use this to increase our ministry to children and families in Northern Virginia.