On Raising (or Being!) a Millennial

Mr. Danish showed the staff the video above in Wednesday morning devotions about the struggles the millennial generation faces in their transition into adulthood. If you are raising an upper schooler (or are yourself a millennial!), this video is for you! Simon Sinek chronicles the challenges facing this generation of young people specifically: growing up in a society of participation trophies, instant gratification, and having the internet in your pocket or at your fingertips. Sinek warns that, should nothing change, we are facing the possibility of cultivating a culture of ambivalent, unfulfilled, joyless adults.

At ICS, our tagline is “inspiring purposeful lives.” As Mr. Danish pointed out this morning, “joy is connected to living a purposeful life.” So, though we know that Jesus is our ultimate source of joy and fulfillment, we also see that the distractions life throws our way—social media, narcissism, an unhealthy reliance on things—can rob us of that joy. We want our students to enjoy the gifts God has given us without putting them before Him.

Note: Sinek approaches millennialism from a secular worldview, so his definition of fulfillment lacks the all-encompassing joy that we find offered in Christ. However, his sociological take on the struggles of millennials offers insight into how we can best help them overcome depression, impatience, and apathy as they head into adulthood.

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