Using Technology to Honor Christ

When it comes to getting your message across, the medium matters. As technology creates more and more avenues for the exchange of ideas, it’s important for us to recognize the value of understanding these methods so that we can better reach the younger generation with the promise of God’s Truth.

As Christians, we know that the Gospel speaks for itself. God will reach who He wants in whichever way He chooses. Still, kids today are more fluent in technology than they have ever been. Each day they are faced with an onslaught of pictures, tweets, videos, and articles and it should make us stop to wonder: are any of these truthful, Christ-affirming messages of hope? Or is it all just distraction from what is most important?

The links below are videos Mr. Danish shared with our teachers last week. They are unique voices of a younger generation with different opinions and backgrounds who all echo the same thing: Jesus is Lord. We encourage you to look through these as a family and discuss your reactions. It’s important for kids to hear and see the Gospel again and again—as well as to see how people of their generation are using technology to reach each other for Christ.

As a warning—some of these videos are geared toward older students. We recommend looking them over before sharing them with your children.

Jeff Bethke: Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus ||Spoken Word

Jason Petty (Propaganda): G.O.S.P.E.L

Mike Donehey (of the band Tenth Avenue North): Worn – Video Journal

Every Wednesday, our faculty and staff gather together for a devotional time led by Mr. Danish. Mr. Danish shares what God has placed on his heart as well as how it can be applied to life inside (and outside!) the walls of our school. Occasionally, the blog will feature a short blurb highlighting the thoughts shared during Wednesday devotions to guide parents in specific areas they can be praying for in our school.