8th Graders Say Goodbye to ICS

Our 2015 8th Grade Graduation was held on June 9th and our graduates were “launched” toward high school. Some will attend private school, some will attend public school and some will homeschooled. But all will be in surroundings that are very different from where they have spent much of their life to this point. Our hope is that each one of these students will continue to be Christ-followers who will grow in their relationship with the Lord and impact the world to the glory of God. Our mission at ICS is to inspire students for purposeful lives of learning, godliness and service. High school is the time when our graduates have the opportunity to take what they’ve learned here and put it into practice in many different ways.

In anticipation of their leaving, the 8th graders were asked to share some of their thoughts of their time at ICS. As expected, they provided us with a wide variety of remarks. We’d like to share comments from two of our students – Emma and John. They each have different expectations of what the future will hold for them, since one has made a high school choice already and the other is still in the process.

Emma has been at ICS since she was in kindergarten and is headed to Lake Braddock Secondary School in the fall. She specifically shares how many of her middle school teachers have inspired and impacted her life.

“Mrs. Rayburn,Booth Ms. Umble, Mrs. Waldrop, Mr. Duncan, Mrs. Shondelmyer and Mr. Robinson have all inspired me in different ways. Ms. Umble sparked my interest in history and Mr. Duncan got me really excited about learning history even more. Mrs. Rayburn and Ms. Umble taught me to never give up even when things get rough. Mrs. Waldrop inspired me to read a lot more and encouraged me to write. This year, Mrs. Shondelmyer has encouraged me to continue writing and I just think it’s cool how much she cares and loves all my classmates and me. Mr. Robinson made God’s word come alive for me and I get so excited to learn about Christ and how I can use wisdom and discernment so I can shine for Him everywhere. All these teachers have made such an impact on my life and they’ve all helped me with my walk with Jesus Christ. Now as I move onward to high school, I’m looking forward to meeting new friends on the cross country team. I expect some challenges in getting used to new surroundings but I have many friends going to Lake Braddock and ICS has given me a strong and firm foundation with Christ. I’m so excited to go to high school!”

John has also been at ICS since he was in kindergarten and is in the process of making a school decision. He shares about his greatest accomplishment during his time at ICS, his favorite memory of ICS and his thoughts on leaving ICS and heading to high school.

Park“Being at ICS since kindergarten, I was really taught and raised in a godly environment. I wouldn’t be who I am now if I didn’t go to ICS. And because I am a Christian, I feel like it is my duty to read and grow in God’s word. I feel like the 100 Verse Challenge at ICS was the perfect opportunity for me to do that. Because of the help and encouragement I received from my mom, I was able to achieve this challenge every year since 3rd grade and I’ve learned the importance of learning God’s word and storing it in my heart. I’ll never forget our 8th grade Wilderness Retreat because it was, to summarize it in one word, awesome! Just the experience of enjoying nature and getting away from home is awesome in itself. But then it gets “awesomer!” Throw in rappelling, hiking, group puzzles and outdoor activities and all while your friends are having fun right beside you. At the beginning and end of each day we had devotions with Mr. Danish and on the last night we hiked to a field where we went star-gazing. On the Wilderness Retreat, I learned to be amazed at God’s vast universe and to be equally amazed at the joy He has put into this life.”

We are thankful for these perspectives from both Emma and John and we look forward to hearing how God is using them in their new schools. Please join with us in extending congratulations and prayers for all 49 ICS graduates as they go out to the next phase of their lives.