We’re Changing!

Life is a journey.  We come into the world dependent and in need of protection and sustenance.  We grow and with love and encouragement, we thrive!  And we change.  Like a beautiful butterfly emerging from a cocoon, we become something different:  readied, prepared, made new.   We are unable to do the readying, the preparing, making ourselves new — Christ does the incredible, transformative work, if we invite Him.

Butterfly & flowerLike a butterfly, Immanuel Christian School has been part of a journey of transformation.  Since we first opened our doors 38 years ago, we’ve been readied and prepared.  We are emerging, as something a little bit different, and new.  At our foundation, we remain committed to providing an excellent education with a Christian worldview.  But, we’ve become more aware, more intentional and more focused in our mission.

We are Immanuel Christian School…Immanuel, God with us.  He is with us in the classrooms, hallways, lunchroom, playground and offices.  We are blessed to be a ministry of Immanuel Bible Church.  We have fabulous facilities.  We have a godly, well-educated and motivated faculty and staff who provide a top-notch, formative, foundation for learning, character development and service to our students.  We don’t just prepare students for high school.  We prepare students for life — life well beyond ICS.  And that is evident from the schools they attend and the service they continue to do when they leave us.  It is clear from what they say and do.  The influence of ICS isn’t only apparent in the lives of our graduates.  After just two and a half years at ICS, my second grade daughter is boldly sharing the gospel with her non-Christian friends due to the encouragement she receives from her teachers in partnership with the transformational work of Christ and His amazing grace.  Each of us at Immanuel is being changed, and corporately, our school has emerged into something different and new.  We consider it a blessing and a calling from God to partner with families to inspire students for purposeful lives of learning, godliness and service.  Our new website, our new mission statement, and our new focus are important milestones of our journey of change and transformation.    Every day we hear about how Christ has changed a student’s life.  We’d love to hear from you!  How are you changing?

This blog post was written by Laura Fay, ICS Communications Coordinator and parent of a 2nd grade ICS student.