Our teachers coach, and our coaches teach. We know your child’s strengths, abilities, and character, both in the classroom and on our playing fields. This allows us to deliver a cohesive and nurturing athletic experience for our students to explore their interests, from kindergarten through eighth grade, and to ensure that our program remains rooted in positive character development and school values.


The Health and Physical Education Department’s mission is to provide an opportunity for all students to discover and accept themselves as unique individuals, created by God, with physical, mental, emotional and social strengths and limitations. We strive to help each student grow in each of these areas.

“P.E. class helps me become a better athlete and gives me the opportunity to learn new skills. I love P.E. class!” ~Aidan

It is our goal that students develop a love for health and physical activity that they carry with them even after they have departed from ICS. We accomplish this through emphasizing five major goals within our program:

  • Provide the opportunity for students to improve their general fitness level.
  • Provide the opportunity for the development and assessment of skills and sportsmanship.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to exercise safe use of equipment.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to become familiar with rules and strategies of traditional and innovative games and activities.
  • Provide students with a biblical framework in dealing with life’s various social, emotional, mental and physical changes.


The PE program at Immanuel emphasizes the importance of personal fitness, sportsmanship, athletic skills, healthy eating, and affirmative social relationships. Classes meet twice weekly for Grades 3rd-8th and three times a week in Grades kindergarten-2nd taking advantage of the excellent athletic facilities provided to the school.

Students in fifth grade through middle school are eligible to participate in an array of interscholastic sports: soccer, cross-country, basketball, lacrosse and softball. Practices and games take place on the school athletic field and in the newly-renovated gymnasium.

Regular PE classes begin with calisthenics to develop muscle tone, flexibility and strength. Primary students learn cooperative play and acquire motor skills and endurance through a variety of developmentally appropriate games and activities. Emphasis is placed on sportsmanship, honesty, and fair play at all grade levels. Students at every grade level learn the rules and knowledge necessary to play a variety of team sports.

Our annual Sports Day at the end of each year provides opportunity for students to compete against one another and celebrate a year of athletic development. The highlight of the day is the ever-popular 8th grade vs. faculty volleyball game.

Additional opportunities for physical development include:

  •  National and Presidential Fitness Awards
  • Sports Awards Night
  • Capital Athletic Conference Track Meet


Health classes begin the second semester for students in 5th-8th grades. We use a variety of resources including, but not limited to, AXIS ministries video series, Christian Paths to Health and Wellness by Peter Walter, Teen Health by Mary H. Bronson, Secret Keeper by Dannah Gresh, and Girls Gone Wise by Mary A. Kassian.

We believe the responsibility for human health and sexuality training belongs primarily with the family. The role of the school is to support and facilitate good communication, about various health and sexuality topics, within the family. The curriculum we will be using will be taught from a distinctly biblical perspective and include topics such as bullying, nutrition, prescription and over the counter drugs (5th grade), puberty, reproduction, fetal development (6th grade), eating disorders, modesty, addiction, the family unit, dating (7th grade), depression and suicide, God’s purpose for sex, sex trafficking, pregnancy, STI’s, and Pornography (8th grade).

Parent are welcome and encouraged to preview the materials. Parents are provided ample information regarding class discussion to encourage ongoing discussion at home.