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Elementary School
 Info Packet

“The teachers are wonderful! They truly care about the students, not only academically, but socially, emotionally, and spiritually as well. The school has a solid Christian foundation. “

ICS Parent

6915 Braddock Road    |    Springfield, VA 22151
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6915 Braddock Road

Springfield, VA 22151

Challenging Academics 
within a Biblical Worldview

The Elementary School program at Immanuel Christian School provides strong academic foundations, spiritual training, and unparalleled opportunities for student growth.

A Proven Approach
Learn more about how individualized instruction, project-based learning, and a multisensory approach builds strong academic foundations in elementary-aged children.

A Biblical Worldview
Discover how a biblical worldview is cultivated early through curriculum taught from a Christian perspective, service opportunities, and a Christ-centered community.

An Enriching Experience
Experience the benefits of early involvement in music, sports, and other interest-based clubs, as well as educational trips.

6915 Braddock Road   |   Springfield, VA 22151

6915 Braddock Road 
Springfield, VA 22151

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