Are you wondering what’s just around the corner for your child next year at ICS? Typically we offer parents the opportunity to meet in person and hear from grade level teachers as well as the principals. This year, we still want to provide parents a look ahead at what next year holds academically and spiritually for their child. Our teachers did an outstanding job at the end of last year (which explains the summer-themes featured in many of the videos) providing students with an overview of the upcoming grade. We offer parents now the opportunity to look ahead virtually by viewing these videos. Simply click on the grade or grades you’re interested in learning more about. Following the grade level videos, click on the virtual tour image to learn more about our school. Enjoying learning more about what ICS offers for your child!



Do you plan for your child to return to ICS next year? If your answer is ‘yes’ then the good news is that there is no further action required! In February, you will receive reenrollment information and your child will automatically be reenrolled in the next grade for next year. That’s it!

Do you plan for your child to not return to ICS next year? It’s always hard to say goodbye but we know that some families move away from the area and other families make different educational choices for their child. If your answer is ‘yes’ and you are planning for your child to not return to ICS next year then you will select the ‘withdrawal’ option at reenrollment and your child will be withdrawn at the end of this school year.

Are you unsure of your plans for next year? We want to provide our enrolled families every opportunity to return. We also understand that some families have not finalized their plans for next year at this time. Please select ‘opt out’ as your option during reenrollment and briefly explain your reasons for opting out. Our Enrollment Manager, Lauren Gessner, will contact you to discuss your options. Please note that we have experienced a significant increase in the number of applicants and therefore students who are opted out will be placed in our Wait Pool and will not be guaranteed a spot for next year.


We’re glad to know that you’re considering ICS for your child next year! We know that you are eager to hear when we will begin notifying families of openings. We will begin contacting families¬†after our currently enrolled students complete the reenrollment process which occurs during the month of February. In early March, our Enrollment Manager will begin contacting families to schedule testing, if needed, and family interviews. Depending on the number of spaces available in each grade, this process can take a few weeks. We are committed to a quick but thorough review of applications and will continue to communicate with prospective families as information becomes available. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!