Serve-A-Thon is the annual ICS kick-off event for Character- In-Action, our school-wide program of community service and Christian character training. We believe active participation in Serve-A-Thon is a critical part of our students’ learning experience because:

  • Serve-A-Thon meets real needs within our community while offering students tangible ways to express the lessons learned in the classroom.
  • Serve-A-Thon provides a meaningful way for our children to invest in the lives of others through acts of service.
  • Serve-A-Thon is an extension of the living curriculum embraced by the families of our school. This means putting our faith into action, being doers of the Word and not just hearers; serving others, not just ourselves.

New this year: Our overall fundraising goal is $70,000 but there are TWO phases to our goal:

  • PHASE 1: $45,000 is essential to meet our operational needs and balance our budget this year. Our budget includes items such as textbooks, workbooks, equipment and salaries – everything necessary to educate our students. We depend upon these necessary funds that are raised through Serve-A-Thon. In addition, our school board has committed to give 10% of the first $45,000 we raise through Serve-A-Thon each year to help our three sister-schools in Romania, Rwanda and India. What a privilege to support the vital work of ICS through character development activities that are central to our purpose as a Christian school.
  • PHASE 2: The next $25,000 of our goal will go directly toward updating our Library Media Center. Our goal is to install lower profile child-accessible bookcases and add flex-seating which adapt to the needs of students and teachers. It was many years since our Library Media Center has been updated and it’s time to focus attention on this well-used and crucial resource in our school. Technology has drastically changed the way libraries support the educational needs of students and it is our goal to update and provide space that is innovative and inspirational for all learners.

But…we need your help!

We have a big goal and we can’t accomplish it alone!  We need the help of every family and friend of Immanuel Christian School!  Here’s how you can help:

  1. Pray for the safety of our students as they serve in the community.
  2. Volunteer to serve alongside our students. Contact our Character-in-Action Coordinator, Beverly Atkinson, by email.
  3. Sponsor our students, teachers or Immanuel Bible Church pastors. Donate online now!

Help make Serve-A-Thon A Success!

Important Serve-A-Thon Information

Our goal is to make Serve-A-Thon information easily accessible and provide instructions that encourage your participation. Below are quick links to important information that should help you stay organized and answer some common questions. Please contact Allison Masson in the main office by phone at 703-941-1220 or by email should you have any questions!

  1. Letter from Mr. Danish
  2. Summary Information
  3. Important Dates
  4. Prize Information
  5. Common Questions and Answers