Art_07Every student from kindergarten through high school is encouraged to explore areas of giftedness in fine arts. The visual arts enable students to develop creativity through use of a variety of mediums while the performing arts encourages the development of communication and leadership skills as students engage with one another. The arts play an important role at Immanuel Christian School and students in every grade are exposed and refine their artistic abilities as they grow and develop.

Fine Arts spans the spectrum of artistic genres that encourage students’ expression, appreciation and creativity. A walk through the halls of Immanuel is like a stroll through an art gallery as student work is on display throughout the school.

Every student is involved in the creative process, from simple line drawing in kindergarten to photographic composition in middle school.

Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students can choose from a selection of Fine Arts classes offered through electives. Painting, photography, drawing, and other media encourage creativity and artistry in semester-long classes. Participation in the performance arts is a staple of the Immanuel curriculum. Drama classes are available to middle school students through Electives, but students at every grade level develop oral language, memorization, and performance skills in plays, readings, and enactments throughout the school year.