The Fine Arts Module is one in a series of three module classes offered for our high school students. Other module classes include the Stem Module and the Small Business-Entrepreneur Module. These four-day a week, module classes will be offered on a rotating cycle, one a year. Module learning allows students to explore a wide variety of areas within one class period over the course of the year. These modules will play an invaluable role in preparing students for Senior Internships.

The Fine Arts Module provides students opportunities to learn both traditionally in a classroom setting in order to establish basic knowledge of the subject matter and then guides them through a short term project experience sampling each of the six fine arts: painting, sculpture, architecture, music, theater, and dance.

After an initial exploration, students will travel to see and experience the rich art in the local DC area through a series of field trips. The final six weeks of the course, students will choose one area of the six Fine Arts to concentrate their independent project that they will present or perform in the Fine Arts Festival at the end of the year.