The Parent Service Organization (PSO) is the volunteering and relationship-building organization for Immanuel Christian School parents. This organization provides opportunities to support classroom and school-wide activities while building relationships between parents and teachers.

We restructured our parent service opportunities and integrated them all together under one umbrella. Formerly known as Parent Service Team (PST) which supported classrooms and teachers; Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) which provided school-wide events and community building; Parents in Prayer (PIP) which met every Tuesday morning to pray over ICS; and the parent volunteer arm of Character-In-Action (CIA) which provided support during service projects and food drives; now all integrated under PSO! [PSO = PST + PTF + PIP + CIA]


There are four areas that parents can serve at ICS!

  • Classroom & Teacher Support: Parents partner with teachers in the classroom to provide support and encouragement. This includes class communications and encouragement, class events and field trips, and teacher affirmation.
  • School Wide Events & Community Building: Parents help promote fellowship within the ICS community through school-wide events, parent education and faculty and staff affirmation. This area focuses on the Back-to-School Picnic, Grandparents’ Day and Christmas program, dinner events, speaker events, parent education seminars, faculty and staff appreciation, Sports Day, Fun lunches and Box-Tops.
  • Prayer: Parents connect the ICS community in prayer through Parents in Prayer meetings, HS prayer initiatives, monthly prayer guides and classroom prayer sheets.
  • Character-in-Action: Parents build relationships through hands-on service activities that challenge and encourage Christ-like qualities in our students.

Please email Jen Baxter, Parent Service Organization Coordinator, and let her know if you are interested in serving on Parent Service Organization (PSO) or if you would like more information. We are so thankful for the many parents who volunteer their time and talents for our children each year. We couldn’t do it without you!