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Since 1976, ICS remains committed to our mission—partnering with families to inspire students for purposeful lives of learning, godliness and service.

Currently, Christian parents see firsthand the effects of the influence that culture has on their children. There is a battle for the hearts and minds of our youth and a growing resistance against the truths found in God’s Word. Bombarded by conflicting messages from every side, high school and college students of today find it increasingly difficult to fight against the secular pressures from peers, media, and the opinions of influencers inside and outside of the classrooms.

The Opportunity: God has placed on the hearts and minds of the Immanuel Christian School Board and leadership the desire to finish the work He has given us. The next step in this work is Immanuel Christian High School. A high school where students experience God’s created World, His written Word, and His work through Jesus. The need is great, and the time is now for Immanuel Christian High School.

Fall 2019 marked the inaugural year of our freshmen and sophomore classes at Immanuel Christian High School. Our goal remains the same, to provide a school known for its foundational faith and accelerated academics. Fulfilling this goal prepares students for college, career, and a life of lasting faith.

The work is not finished, even though the inaugural classes have begun. Please read through the following pages to see your important role in Immanuel Christian High School. Together, we will shape, mold, and develop students with a strong foundation of faith and resolve to effectively lead the next generation as we prepare students for a life of learning, godliness, and service.

Watch a video and see how you can make a difference!



Watch a video and see how you can make a difference!

Cultural Distinctives of Immanuel Christian High School

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