Families choose Immanuel Christian School for their children primarily for the outstanding academic education and Christian environment. Our families become part of a community desiring the best education for their children. The following are some parent stories sharing their love for and experiences at Immanuel Christian School:

My boys attended ICS for two years before we moved out of the area. The teachers are WONDERFUL! They truly care about the students, not only academically, but socially, emotionally, and spiritually as well. The school has a solid Christian foundation. Christian principles and ideals are built into the curriculum and every interaction with the students which in turn leads the children to develop a sense of a Biblical Worldview at a very young age. The minister at a church we visited after moving was extremely impressed with the boys’ knowledge of the Bible and how it applied to their daily living. The administration is accessible and supportive of parents and students. The academics are solid, but the true strength of ICS is its heart: from the top administrator all the way down to the students.

We love ICS. The teachers have shown our son love and compassion as they have nurtured him to grow academically, socially and spiritually.

I feel such a sense of relief since we’ve been at Immanuel and pride in their school. The academics are challenging the comradeship is heartwarming. My older daughter who had a hard time warming up to the school not only likes it now but does not want return to public school even though her workload has increased significantly.

As being an involved mom not only in the public school but now at Immanuel, I can see what a finely oiled machine Immanuel is in it’s running of business. I’ve helped out at many of the events that both schools have, such as Medieval Day and Colonial Day. I’ve noticed that because thorough notes are kept as well as items purchased in years prior, that events are run much smoother and at a lower expense because the new parents are not continuously buying new items every year.

After being at Immanuel for my 9th month now, the single best thing about Immanuel is that God is woven through the lessons of the day. My younger daughter’s prayers have matured in thought and scope. As for my older daughter that I was so worried about, wondering if I made the right decision, was made clear to me. My mom came to visit and told me she noticed an inner peace in her granddaughter now.

This is our 5th year at ICS. We have a daughter in 4th grade and a son in 2nd grade. Another daughter will be in kindergarten in the fall. I am constantly amazed at the caliber of education, both in academics and biblical instruction. I love that Bible teaching is intertwined with the academic curriculum. The academics are challenging. It is obvious that the teachers really care about their students; the school environment is encouraging but not coddling. Expectations are high but so are the rewards. We feel blessed to be a part of the school.

Just moved to ICS earlier this year and was very hesitant how my kids would adjust. They’ve been to only one school prior to ICS and I didn’t know how they’d do with the change. But I found that they are not only surviving, they are in fact THRIVING!

The teachers are great – full of love and genuine care for students. The administration runs like a well-oiled machine – very professional. Security is top-notch, the facilities are beautiful…I honestly can’t think of one bad thing to say about this school.

Immanuel Christian School is a wonderful school. The education is top notch. The faculty are well-trained, dedicated, and clearly love what they do. The environment is warm, supportive, and focuses both on academics but equally on building Christian character. Every single thing about the school is extremely well organized. Students graduate over-prepared (in a great way) for high school from both an academic and a personal character standpoint. I admire everything about ICS.