Many homeschool parents find our high school hybrid program beneficial as their children become young adults. Whether for expertise in certain subject areas or the benefits of participating in an athletic program, this partnership combines a family’s passion for educating at home with resources from a premier Christian school. It is our privilege to work with homeschool families in partnership as we inspire students for purposeful lives of learning, godliness, and service.

Our high school hybrid program offers unique hybrid options to families who want the best of both worlds: to continue home educating in high school with access to the opportunities a traditional high school offers. In our hybrid program, high school students must take a minimum of two courses plus Bible and must travel for Winterim which accounts for 3 1/2 credits each year. The maximum number of courses a hybrid student can take is five. Hybrid students earn a homeschool certificate, depending on graduation requirements fulfilled.

Partnering with Immanuel Christian Homeschool Hybrid offers the following benefits including eligibility to participate in the following:

  • Weekly chapel
  • Discipleship Advisory Groups
  • Athletics*
  • Modules*
  • Student government
  • Student Events
  • Service Opportunities
  • School pictures and yearbook
  • Class field trips and retreats*
  • National Honor Society
  • Commencement and Baccalaureate services*
  • Dual Enrollment*
  • College guidance services

*additional fees may apply


Winterim (January Term) is integral in the culture of our program and every student gains academic and social benefits from this life-changing opportunity. Therefore, all hybrid students are required to enroll for the entire Winterim (January term).


It is our hope that students enrolled through the homeschool hybrid option immerse themselves in ICHS student life. Attendance is encouraged for chapels, advisory groups, community service and lunch, as well as for retreats and all school activities and events. Extra-curricular clubs, fine arts programs and athletic opportunities are also open. All hybrid students receive the normal amenities of lockers, lunch privileges, yearbooks, textbooks and attendance on field trips for the classes in which they are enrolled. Hybrid students enrolled in a minimum of four classes may run for school sponsored club offices if desired.


Hybrid students fulfill our athletic conference requirement for student athletes to be enrolled in a minimum of two classes to participate. Fees and costs associated for each sport vary and are the responsibility of the student.


Hybrid students are issued an ICS Chromebook to use during their time on campus which is covered by the Technology Fee. See the Tuition and Fees for more information.


Hybrid students must have their own transportation to and from school. They may remain on campus after school with parent permission if they are involved in a school sponsored club, sport or activity. Students are not allowed to leave campus during the school day without prior approval.


Hybrid students may participate in standardized testing including PSATs (9-11) and practice ACTs (11). Our Guidance Counselor will provide college and career planning as they do for all Immanuel Christian High School students. Results of testing are sent to the family and kept in our online academic database, FACTS online. Immanuel Christian High School will not report testing to any public or private agency.


We do our best to arrange hybrid schedules around each family’s needs but it is difficult to ensure a course will be available at specific times or on specific days. Our Guidance Counselor and Principal will work to create a schedule that meets the student’s needs to the best of their ability. Hybrid students who have breaks between classes may stay on campus only with prior approval from the Principal and as space allows; but will be expected to use those breaks wisely as independent study hall or online courses. Hybrid students are assigned a homeroom in order to be included in class activities and to calculate attendance.


Homeschool hybrid students will be included in all published materials celebrating the senior class in all graduation activities. Students are encouraged to walk and be announced alongside their classmates at our high school graduation ceremony. Hybrid students will receive an Immanuel Christian High School diploma only if they have fulfilled ICHS graduation requirements.


Click to view the Tuition & Fees information.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with your family. Please email our admissions office or call us at 703-941-1220 with any questions.