Fall Athletics @ ICS

We look back with gratitude on this past athletic season at ICS, and forward with excitement at the new opportunities in ICS sports! Come out and join us for a home basketball game!

It was a banner season for sports at ICS – and we’re not just talking about the many times we got to celebrate the Nats’ World Series win! With the addition of girls’ volleyball and a burgeoning cross country program, it feels as though more students than ever are hitting the field, court, or race course wearing the ICS blue and gold. ICS entered a new conference this year and a new era of sports as we introduced high school cross country, volleyball, basketball, and more to our offerings for students. We also welcomed a new Athletic Director, Ben Finley, to lead our sports programs into this next decade!

This effort has not gone unrewarded. If you’ve walked through the glass breezeway this past month or caught the morning announcements, you may have noticed the six (SIX! At least, the last time I counted…) trophies the cross country squad has racked up, or heard that the 7/8 boys’ soccer team celebrated a championship win their first year in the NVIAC conference.

This undertaking would not be possible without the positive attitudes of our student athletes, the sacrifices in time made by coaches, and the willingness of our parents to drive players, bake treats, take pictures, run missing pieces of equipment to school…and other duties as assigned.

Below, enjoy some highlights shared by student athletes and coaches about why this season meant so much to them!

I think winning the conference finals was a highlight because the scoring runners spanned across all four grades. It was a beautiful fall day, and the kids loved running on the trail. I love how they are a complete team when it’s all four grades. This year we had amazing young runners that contributed and helped balance out the teams. When they’re all together, they actually complement each other really well.

Everyone starts somewhere and everyone has a place to go. We all are getting somewhere together.
Kate Alvarado, Coach, NVIAC Conference Champions 5-8 Boys and Girls Cross Country 

My favorite part of the season was working as a team and knowing that [if were part of conference play] we would have won.
Pierce B., 6B student and 5/6 boys soccer player

My favorite part was probably the meets because they gave you the opportunity to show what you’ve been practicing. My favorite meet was Think Pink at Congressional because it was the most fun course. It had a lot of ups and downs.
Isla B., 6A student and 1st place runner

 I liked playing against the parents. It was really fun because we lost anyway 7 to 5, but they were kinda scared of the ball. And Mr. Finley kept trying to catch it! He should’ve gotten a red card!
Adam E., 5B student and 5/6 grade boys’ soccer player

[My favorite thing about the season was] probably the team. It was just fun going to all the games with them. They were just so encouraging. Anytime you missed a serve or something they were there.
Caroline F., 7B student and MS volleyball player

Overall, [my favorite part was] getting to hang out with the team, learning different things, and playing the game of soccer.
Braden C., 7A student and 7/8 grade boys soccer player

 [I liked] being part of a team and getting to meet new friends.
Daniel B., 6B student and 5/6 grade boys soccer player

[My favorite part of the season was] Everything!
MJ A., 6B student and MS volleyball player

I think [my favorite part] was just seeing all the people who haven’t played before grow and learn how to play and ending up winning the championship! It was fun to see the team chemistry grow.
Elijah R., 8B student and 7/8 grade boys soccer player

My favorite part of the season was the first volleyball game and the energy in the gym! Go Warriors!
Ben Finley, Athletic Director and Boys PE Teacher