LIVE for Another: Serve-A-Thon 2019

As Serve-A-Thon draws to a close, we reflect on a season of service and how God always provides the right opportunity, the right people, and the right amount of money to meet the needs of our school and the community.

Kindergarten beautifies the school campus. Little hands work alongside the hands of parents, teachers, and IBC pastors to plant pops of color or pull weeds.

First grade scrubs classrooms from top to bottom, sneaking in while teachers and students are away to leave windows, desks, and whiteboards gleaming and the entire hallway smelling like lemon Clorox.

Second grade rakes leaves at Deerlick Park, then showers the IBC pastors and staff with notes of encouragement and plates of goodies as a small token of thanks for their ministry and generosity to our school.

Third grade heads out to Hidden Pond Park to pull weeds, clear debris, and rake leaves. It’s a physically demanding day that takes place in rain or shine, humidity or chilliness, bugs or no bugs.

Fourth grade gets outside as well, taking a trip to Nottoway Park to plant little trees that protect the landscape and provide shade for park visitors in the years to come.

Fifth grade travels to local fire departments to get their hands dirty washing fire engines, wiping down the station, and ordering pizzas for the men and women who spend their days and nights responding to the emergencies of others. They follow that up with visits to nearby churches to clean or landscape as is needed.

Sixth grade walks Lake Accotink to pull the invasive species that wreak havoc on the pathways. It is a lesson in how even the smallest changes can have a positive impact on the ecosystem where we live.

Seventh grade visits Annandale Terrace Elementary School, where they read and bond with buddies who are often nonnative English speakers or have behavioral or educational delays. It is amazing to see the hearts of our middle schoolers soften towards strangers as they read from books that had once been read to them.

Eighth grade spends time with younger students at Garfield Preparatory Academy in DC. Together they play games, read books, and assemble care packages for our sister school in Rwanda. The relationships they begin this month are renewed later in the year, when Garfield students visit ICS for an afternoon of fun.

High School tags along with second grade in cleaning up the local park and hand-delivering encouragement to the IBC maintenance crew, pastors, and other staff. They also volunteer at McLean Access Ministries to provide respite care for families of children with special needs.

Truly none of this could be done without the support of our ICS families. Whether you are baking brownies for the fire fighters, sending out fundraising emails to friends and family near and far, driving a van full of fourth graders around the county, or perhaps some combination of all three, we thank you! So much of our job as Christian educators is planting seeds in the hearts of our students, reminding them that the littlest and biggest things they do to glorify God can echo long after they’ve graduated ICS. It’s so encouraging to see you leading the charge in loving our neighbors through service.

At the time of this post, we have raised over $115,000!! Thank you for your generous support. To donate to Immanuel Christian School please visit 

Check out our 2019 Serve-A-Thon video below!