These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things (About ICS)

The dust has just begun to settle on the start of a newly-minted school year. One afternoon, I hung out in the hallway during carpool dismissal to catch students as they headed out after another day jam-packed with learning, playing, and settling in to a new routine.

“Hey! What’s your favorite thing about ICS thus far?” I called out, and a couple little heads would swivel my direction. These were the answers given:

“The lockers!” –Tomi L.

“The smell of new school supplies.” –Leona T.

“All three of my best friends are in my class.” –Bella L.

“Seeing your friends again, including the teachers!” –Marcella J.

“Everything’s fun! Library’s my favorite subject.” –Caleb S.

“It’s so much fun to hang out with my friends again and learn new things.” –Simeon M.

“Getting to hang out with my friends every day.” –Daniel B.

“I like the Back-to-School Picnic because there’s bounce houses and we get to a watch a movie.” –Dexter W.

“Rock climbing [on the playground].” –Ronel T.

“Getting new friends.” –Cayden S.

“That I get to learn even more about God.” –Avery H.

“We get to watch The Magic Schoolbus after we get packed up and we do the closing circle.” –Nate P.

“I like devotions so far because we’ve been reading this interesting book Hinds Feet on High Places. –Ios B.

“Mrs. Howell – she’s a really good teacher.” –Finola M.

“Like Finola, I just like Mrs. Howell. She’s a really good teacher.” –Britain S.

“Social Studies with Mrs. Howell because I like the subject.” – Chiara L.

“I have a really good teacher.” –Sloane Q.

“I like the big patio and my friends.” –BethAnn T.

“I like recess.” –Eva S.

“Recess…and playing with my friends.” –Isaac A.

“My favorite part of starting the year is the big donuts on U Did It Day. And the Back-to-School Picnic is really cool.” –Morgan C.

“Meeting all new types of students and teachers. And school supplies.” –Ajai M.

“The lockers, they’re amusing!” –Breanna M.

“All the people are really nice.” –Ellyson M.

“Having science class with Mrs. Alvarado.” –Scott T.

“My friends will greet me right away and not pass me in the hallway…[I like that] it’s a smaller school.” –Amelia B.

“Seeing my friends again.” –Ryder H.

“That there’s so many friends to make. And that everybody’s nice.” –Anjali I.

“Getting to see my teachers again and getting to meet new teachers.” –Saraiya G.

“PE.” – Julia T.

“Lunch. No, science!” –Pierce T.

“Hanging out with my friends in the chaotic hallways.” –Sam C.

“Being able to see my friends every day!” –Isabel T.

“I like how we have more freedom [in 8th grade] and new sports like volleyball.” –Alexia V.

“I like the CIA trip to McLean Access.” –Lydia H.

“I like PE and volleyball!” –Alaina K.

“Getting caught up with families.” –Mrs. Harris, Educational Resources Coordinator

“Snack or lunch!” –Owen L.

“The opportunities we get to have.” –Julianne A.

“How helpful the teachers are.” –Bella M.

“The teachers.” –Nicholas R-G.

“The library.” –Thomas R.

“The sports – basketball.” –Ace C.

“The teachers like Mrs. Tubb.” –Danielle D.

“Making new friends.” –Juha Y.

“Wearing the wristbands.” –Adam K.

“The reading.” –Noah L.

“I really like how the teachers really support you in learning.” –Cassie H.

“Getting to know my students and planning fun group projects.” –Mrs. Williamson, 8th Grade Bible and Social Studies Teacher

What struck me as I interacted with so many students that afternoon were the variety of the answers. Yes, “teachers” and “friends” come up a lot, confirming what we already knew about ICS: that God has blessed us in the way he has knit our hearts together in community. But the little things matter, too. The book Ms. Dorman is reading during devotions. The wristbands Mr. Danish gives out after successful recitation of a bonus verse. Snagging a jumbo donut on U DID IT Day. Being the first one out to the rock wall on the playground. Mrs. Alvarado’s interactive science labs.

We pride ourselves on the big stuff like curriculum, safety, and the overall culture. These things got our families in the door. We also know, though, that God shows up in the details. Things like Ms. Watson’s pack-up routine and curling up with a great book in the library’s big orange chair and fumbling with your brand new seventh grade locker matter to these kids.

We’re grateful to partner with you for another year. Thank you for entrusting your children’s education to us. Thank you for your role in providing us with the little things so that we can focus on the biggest thing – providing an environment where our students can grow in their relationships with the Lord.

Written by: Erika McKellop, Library Media Specialist & Yearbook Coordinator