God provides prayer as the means by which we receive His supernatural guidance and help. Without God’s guidance and the truth found in Scripture, we cannot live a life worthy of the gospel. We invite every parent and student to join with us during the month of April as we thank God for His provision and seek His guidance for ICS. Look for parent volunteers during afternoon dismissal walking the carpool line and passing out cards which list specific prayer requests and items of praise for our school. Our hope is that each family will set aside time to pray for our school leaders, teachers and families specifically during the month of April. School leadership is hard at work planning and making decisions regarding the future of Immanuel Christian High School in addition to the ongoing ministry of the current elementary and middle school programs.  We know prayer is powerful and effective so let’s come together, as a community marked by prayer, to seek God’s wisdom and blessing.
More information will be shared throughout the month of April.



  1. HIS PROVIDENCE in moving our school board and school leadership continuously toward the establishment of Immanuel Christian High School.
  1. HIS WISDOM & TIMING guiding the planning process, providing resources, and growing a base of support.
  1. VISION & FAITHFULNESS by those who came before us with a vision for ICHS, and who have been faithful in refining that vision.
  1. LEADERSHIP & PLANNING through an active leadership team and planning committee that is focused on the formation of Immanuel Christian High School.
  1. IMMANUEL BIBLE CHURCH leadership and elder support for the high school endeavor.
  1. FINANCIAL SUPPORT that has already been given toward the high school project.
  1. OTHER CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOLS and the opportunity to partner with them and learn from their experience.
  1. ORGANIZATIONS & CONSULTANTS who are assisting us in the formation of ICHS.
  1. GOING BEFORE US clearly opening and closing doors as we seek His guidance at each step.
  1. PARENTS AND FRIENDS who continue to inquire about ICHS and pray for its success.


  1. THE PLANNING PROCESS that God would provide wisdom and stamina for the High School Planning Committee, for weekly meetings and essential decisions that must be made.
  1. DONOR SURVEY & FUNDRAISING that we would successfully complete a donor feasibility survey this spring to provide vital information for raising necessary funds for the high school.
  1. FACULTY RECRUITMENT that God would provide an exceptional team of godly men and women who will teach our high school students.
  1. THE RIGHT FACILITIES that God would lead us to the best property and facility that will allow ICS to fulfill the vision for the high school instructional program.
  1. STUDENT ENROLLMENT that God would prepare the hearts of those students and parents whom He will lead to be part of the first class of ICHS.
  2. #prayforICHS that God would provide continual prayer support for Immanuel Christian High School.

    Click to download a copy of the prayer cards below.