Champions Choose the Difficult Path

It’s becoming a tradition of sorts at ICS. Just when winter is at its bleakest, in comes Tanya Crevier and her team to breathe some new life into the school. Their combination of Harlem Globetrotters-esque basketball tricks and the message of the gospel serve as a reminder to all that God can use anything to get the truth across.

Tanya’s message is this: champions choose the difficult path. We may not be able to choose the mountains we must climb, but we can choose our response to those mountains, and we can always choose to trust in God’s plan for us.

Her team’s tricks range from balancing a spinning basketball on a spoon while feeding a student pudding to spinning nine basketballs at once to juggling three basketballs…while on a unicycle…while ten feet up in the air. Pretty cool.

Her show inspires some students to the point that they follow in her footsteps. Josh F., a sixth grade student who saw the show last winter, practiced all year and demonstrated to his classmates the ability to spin two basketballs on his fingers simultaneously.

Fifth grader Mya D. hula hooped while Crevier handed her two pencils, then two basketballs, then set those basketballs spinning on the pencils. What was Mya thinking while this was going on? Not much. Except, in her words, “Am I gonna drop it?!?!”

“I like how they use basketballs to teach people about Jesus,” said Gracie B.

“My favorite part,” said Braden C., “was getting to go up and meet them and jumping through [a spinning] hula hoop. I really felt their compassion for us.”

And that, folks, is the mark of an excellent educator. They are excited about what they do. They use their gifts to impact the next generation. They weave the truth of God’s word through each lesson in a way that inspires students to live out their faith. Plus, you know, it doesn’t hurt if you can do all of that and also dunk a basketball.







Missed the performance? Check out these highlights!


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