Music to Our Ears!

One of the things we are proud of at ICS is our music program! Not only is music built into our curriculum, but we offer many opportunities for students to try out instruments they are interested in through orchestra and after school voice and piano lessons. Elementary school is a stage of life where students have the time and freedom to really explore and cultivate the gifts God has given them. 

Our instrumental and choir teachers are gifted not only musically, but are also known for their kindness and encouragement to students who are either trying something out for the first time or honing their skills. Read their words below for insight into why they feel called to do what they do.

Thank you, music teachers! We appreciate you!

IMG_0229“I enjoy teaching music because I love children and want to impart my skills and sense of accomplishment to the next generation. As a music educator, I provide students tools so that they can express themselves and be creative like their Creator, God. To achieve these skills, students develop discipline.

It is well-known that the students who are skilled in music perform better in other subject areas as well. I have personally seen many cases like this throughout my teaching experience.

I am truly thankful that I teach at Immanuel Christian School because I can teach songs that praise God. When I worked at the secular schools, it was such a hassle to find the songs that don’t contain any religious context. I love to pray with my students—that they would be equipped with the skills to serve God.”
Heidi Joye
Orchestra Director

IMG_0286“My favorite aspect of teaching the Beginning Strings class is that every year a fresh, new, eager group of students commit to starting an adventure in music. The students first touch the instrument in September, and by December, they play as an ensemble at the Grandparents’ Day program. What an achievement! The smile on a student’s face after playing his or her first recognizable piece of music is also priceless.

I believe students can see the correlation between the amount of time and effort invested in practicing and how much they improve.” We discuss how practicing their instrument is like other areas in their life such as sports, scripture memory and learning multiplication facts. All of these disciplines require focus, repetition and time; it just doesn’t happen overnight. This is a great reminder for them in a society where many things they encounter promise instant gratification.

This year’s class is exploring different styles of music that can be played on stringed instruments. They really seem to be inspired by patriotic melodies and are constantly asking to play “America.” Come out to the ICS Orchestra Concert on May 12th to hear what our students have been working on and to show your support of the fine arts at ICS.”
Sarah Layman
Beginning Strings Instructor

IMG_7838“Ever since I was a small child, I have loved to sing and wanted others to love it as much as I. While I am quite nervous about performing for others, it felt wonderful to sing with or lead others in song, so being a music teacher has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I remember sitting in my first classroom, preparing music lessons thinking, “I can’t believe they’re paying me to do this job.” I was so happy and excited. That enthusiasm has remained in part due to the children I have had in class and the wonderful subject I teach. Both are ever changing, challenging, and fun. The culmination of my efforts are apparent in each performance as the children demonstrate the musical knowledge we have discussed, practiced, and learned. In addition, singing is a form of worship. I am blessed to lead praise to God, His creation, and His people in such a beautiful format. “Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord, all Ye lands.” I thank God for the privilege and opportunity to teach music.”
Cindy Wade
Music Teacher and Choir Director

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