Why Serve at ICS?

handsParent Service Hours have purpose.
This is a concept that many Christian schools have used to involve parents more consistently in the life of the school. At the same time parent service hours extend tuition dollars by having volunteers perform tasks that might otherwise have to be paid for through professional services.

Volunteering encourages participation.
The main advantage of incorporating a Parent Service Hour program is that it encourages all parents to participate in service to the Lord’s work at ICS. Many manual tasks and facility needs will not have to be put on hold for so long because of the over-burdened schedule of our custodial staff.

Classroom volunteers for Bible memory work, grading workbooks and other tasks directly support the faculty. Office helpers for a myriad of clerical tasks greatly extend the effectiveness of the office staff.

Volunteering encourages ownership.
Most importantly, Parent Service Hours will help every parent to take ownership in the ministry of Immanuel Christian School, to see the school in a practical and personal way, and to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other parents in service activities.

Implementing service hours.
The plan requires a total number of 20 service hours annually per family. Single-parent families are required to fulfill half the number of service hours. Parents are given a means to track their own service hours and to report them throughout the year. Parents who are simply unable to give the time are required to pay a fee for un- served hours at the hourly rate stated in the Tuition and Fee Schedule. In cases where a genuine family hardship (health, financial, death, etc.) prevents a family from participating in Parent Service Hours, a special request should be made to the ICS Administration.

Here is what our parents and teachers had to say about the value of serving at ICS…

“I’m not sure how we would function in 3rd grade without our treasured parents helping. Parent volunteers provide a richer experience for students, teachers and parents!”  (Ronda Wallis, 3rd Grade Teacher)

“When I volunteer at Immanuel Christian School, I meet other parent volunteers and get to know them better and become familiar with the ICS faculty and staff. When inside the classroom, I get to experience first hand where my child spends a majority of their time during the week. I get to better know my child’s classmates and teachers. I learn about things going on at the school and the daily activities of their grade level. This allows me to connect better at home with my children through conversation about school because I know more about that environment. Immanuel Christian School makes parent volunteers feel comfortable and welcome. Working side by side with my children and their classmates, other parent volunteers and teachers is heartwarming, personally rewarding and is beneficial in building relationships with my children.” (Jackie Beltran, Parent of 4th grade twins)

“Parent Service Hours allow for our parents to be a part of the learning experience. One of our favorite ways that parents can get involved and give their time is to be a Mystery Reader. The students love having their mom or dad surprise us in the classroom. Anytime a parent can work together with their child’s teacher, they help to strengthen that partnership between home and school.” Sandy Potter, 2nd Grade Teacher

2“Parent Service Hours help me do the right thing. Without my Parent Service Hours, I might have missed the joy and jubilation on Natalie’s face when she let her very own baby butterfly take on wings of her own. Without Parent Service Hours, I might have missed the beautiful blessing of hearing countless children faithfully, with a deep sense of pride and determination, recite their Bible verses. Without Parent Service Hours, I might have missed the heart to heart connection I felt with Natalie’s teachers (who often get more time with her than I do in a week), when we took down decorations for the Thanksgiving Feast or the Julius Caesar play. Without Parent Service Hours, I might have missed sharing our biggest fears while hanging out with Natalie, her classmates, and a few parents while we stood 30 feet above the ground, suited up and ready to fly through the forest as we zip-lined and bonded for an entire, incredibly special day (who gets to do THAT?!) Sometimes, we need that little nudge to do the right thing and show up for our kids. I see what it means to our kids, every time I show up to tally up some Parent Service Hours.” (Laura Fay, Parent of a 6th grader)

“I have recently been struck by just how much the parents and families at our school love to serve their teachers. When I came to ICS and parents offered to do things such as cut laminate, prepare for projects, and organize my classroom library, I was amazed! Those small acts of service freed my time to focus on the students and what they were learning. I am able to develop more creative and engaging lessons for my students.” (Sarah Calhoun, 4th Grade Teacher)

ptsa-volunteer-page-CQnMWa-clipart“Completing our family’s Parent Service Hours requirement has allowed me to meet other ICS parents whom I otherwise wouldn’t have met. The quality time spent with my kids (on field trips, at classroom parties, etc.) is a special time that I will always cherish. Knowing that the time I give to ICS is providing an invaluable service, I am blessed with the feeling of contribution to our amazing school!” (Marjorie Langweg, Kindergarten & 3rd Grade Parent, Extended Care Employee)

“I love teaching. Parent involvement helps me have more energy to pour into my students and for that, I am immensely grateful. Not to mention the fact that it gives me the opportunity to get to know the parents better, which is a blessing in and of itself!” (Sarah Caley, 5th Grade Teacher)

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