The Difference Between Two Books

Every Wednesday, the ICS faculty and staff gather together for a devotional time led by Mr. Danish. Mr. Danish shares what God has placed on his heart as well as how it can be applied to life inside (and outside!) the walls of our school. Each week, the blog will feature a short blurb highlighting the thoughts shared during Wednesday devotions to guide parents in specific areas they can be praying for in our school.

A kindergartener came into Mr. Danish’s office to recite one of the bonus verses she had memorized. Mr. Danish held up two books—one, the Bible, and another, a textbook.

“What do you think is the difference between these two books?” he asked.

“That one,” she said, pointing to the textbook, “is written by man, and it is mostly true. The Bible is written by God, and it is all true.”

BibleWith that in mind, ICS cherishes its end of the quarter verse memorization recitations for two main reasons. Because when we memorize, we fellowship with God Almighty through his Word, and because we can share it with others around us, thereby giving God’s Word to them.

Today Mr. Danish shared with the staff his Ten Step Bible Memory Method for Life, which can be viewed here. This is his personal process for storing up God’s Word in his heart, which he shares with teachers and students alike to inspire them to head “beyond rote memory to a deeper practical meaning.”

Mr. Danish notes that we are never meant to finish his list. The final two steps, “pray the passage as a conversation with God,” and “live the passage and teach it to someone else,” are intended as the product of what happens when students go beyond rote memorization and treasure God’s Truth.

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