FALLing for Our Teachers

Each fall, God is faithful in bringing qualified, talented new faculty and staff members to the ICS family. For administrators and staff, it is a gift to see Him answer prayers by filling needs in our classrooms and offices. Each individual brings his or her own testimony, educational background and talents to speak into the hearts and minds of students.

anthony Mrs. Amanda Anthony stepped into her role as 2B teacher this year. Originally hailing from Jacksonville Florida, Mrs. Anthony began her teaching career as a substitute in 2005 and discovered she really loved working with kids! She began teaching full time in 2008. The most rewarding thing about being an educator for her is seeing students finally “get it” after she spends time working with them on a concept.

Mrs. Melody Corrigan grew up in Virginia Beach and joined the ICS family this year as the KC teacher. She first began working with kids while attending college in Richmond, where she spent her summers volunteering as a swim coach for inner kccity youth. Upon returning to Virginia Beach, Mrs. Corrigan took a job in office management but her heart missed those kids! She returned to school to earn her teaching degree and has been in education over 20 years. Mrs. Corrigan understands that sending your child off to kindergarten for the first time can be a scary thing! She would like to reassure parents that her job as their teacher is to partner with you, “showing them the love of Christ, helping them form healthy habits and creating wonderful habitats for them to grow and to thrive.”

reaganMs. Taylor Reagan has called DC home for four years, moving up from North Carolina in 2012. As a teen she found education to be her life’s calling soon after becoming a Sunday School teacher in her church. She received her degree from NC State and has worked as a teacher for five years. Ms. Reagan loves all things music related: singing, playing instruments and attending concerts. Of her first year as a sixth grade Bible and Social Studies teacher, Ms. Reagan says, “Knowing that God has entrusted me with teaching 39 malleable and bright-eyed young people is both a joy-producing and weighty gift to receive. I couldn’t be more grateful for this responsibility He has provided to me, and it constantly draws me to depend on Him for all that I need. In short, my students inspire me to love God and trust Him more.”

rieder Mrs. Jenna Rieder came onboard in August as the 1B teacher. When she’s not in the classroom, she will often be found doing one of her three favorite things: traveling, exercising or reading. Like Mrs. Anthony, Mrs. Rieder is also originally from Florida but has called Virginia home since 2001. Ever since she was little, Mrs. Rieder has wanted to be a teacher and has been in the educational field since 2010. Her favorite thing about her job is “getting to know the students and their individual personalities.”

fisher_02But just as God is faithful in supplying new teachers and staff, He is also faithful in keeping people around! Mrs. Lisa Fisher, K-3 grade and 4-8 girls’ PE teacher and Varsity girls’ basketball coach, has been a part of the ICS family since 2001. Her favorite thing about her job here is the relationships she has built with faculty, students and parents. Her advice to the students new to our hallways this fall is to “risk starting a conversation at lunch. Seek friends that will enhance your ICS experience and help your reputation.”

tinev_2Lower School Science Teacher Bethany Tinev is celebrating her tenth year of teaching (several of which were spent in classrooms overseas in Bulgaria) and her second year at ICS. Her favorite thing about her job is “being in an environment where, as a science teacher, I can always point out all the ways that we can see God in nature and in science.” Her advice to new students this year is “don’t be afraid to ask questions or go to your teacher when you feel lost or confused. We want to help you!”

Tammy Shondelmyer, 8th Grade Language Arts teacher, has been here so many years that she’s lost count! She appreciates the positive environment that ICS offers. “All of us have our good days and our ‘not so good days,’” she says, “but having the commonality of Jesus, coupled with the knowledge that we are not working for ourselves but to serve others…THAT makes the difference to me. When the end-goal each day is not my personal happiness, the working environment is much improved!” For new students, Mrs. Shondelmyer says:

schondelmyerNew students often do well in our school when they have three things: courage, confidence and companionship. 1) It takes courage to speak up whenever you need help or do not understand something, but you must remember that having questions and making occasional mistakes is perfectly normal. 2) You also need to have confidence—confidence in the fact that your Heavenly Father is watching over you, wants to help you all day long, and longs for you to be the best “you” you can be each day. 3) Finally, remember that to have companionship, you need to be friendly. It is difficult to be friendly when you would rather be quiet and wait for others to talk to you, but the students at ICS want to include you if it appears you want their friendship. And most importantly, pray and ask God to give you these three things—courage, confidence and companionship—as you begin your time at ICS, knowing that there are people in this school who have already been praying the very same things for you!

We are thankful for our teachers and are proud to see the differences they are already making in their classrooms. Our prayer for them this year is not only that God will provide many moments for them to show Christ to their students, but also that they will see Christ in their students.