Grandparents Day!

Grandparent’s Day is tomorrow! This is a day that we always anticipate with much excitement. We just LOVE having grandparents in the building the day before our Christmas break begins.

So much planning goes into Grandparents Day – from the invitations to attend our Christmas program that are mailed in the fall, to the classroom preparations that allow grandparents to participate in special activities with their grandchildren, to the refreshments so graciously provided by our ICS family at large. It’s a wonderful ICS tradition!

grandparents day blog picWe invite grandparents or an older family friend (if grandparents cannot attend) to attend our Christmas assembly and we always enjoy being able to recognize grandparents who have traveled the farthest, grandparents who are the oldest (yes, we ask that question) and grandparents who have the most students enrolled at ICS. Grandparent’s Day continues with a time of refreshments for our guests as well as the opportunity for them to visit their students’ classrooms before the school day ends at noon.

We recognize that grandparents are very special people. Fostering and esteeming this important inter-generational relationship is one that we love to encourage at ICS. In kindergarten, special “Grannys” visit classes on a weekly basis to share life experiences and stories of faith. Kindergartners truly believe that, whether they have a grandparent in the area or not, the granny who comes to their classroom to love them and spend time with them is their very own grandma. At the same time, there are wonderful benefits for our older family members in spending time with grandchildren. Studies show that active, involved grandparents tend to have a higher degree of life satisfaction and a lower incidence of depression. Grandparents have the blessing of being a “fun” adult in a child’s life – even stealing them away from school for an afternoon spent together!

Proverbs 17:6 says “Grandchildren are the crown of the aged and the glory of children is their fathers. We heartily agree with that Bible verse. ICS grandparents, thank you for being involved in the lives of our students. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!