Teacher Appreciation

It’s “Teacher Appreciation Week” at ICS and teachers around the school have been inundated with cards, flowers and goodies from thankful parents of students.  Our PTF held a Teacher Appreciation lunch on Tuesday, complete with a wide variety of gift baskets and gift cards, donated by each class, for teachers and staff to “bid” on, raffle-style.  If you saw it, you’d agree that ICS parents are a generous group!

2015 Teacher Appreciation_3 edited
As a parent of three ICS alumni, I am thankful for all of my children’s teachers but I gratefully remember teachers who had a particular impact on each of my children.  For instance, my daughter’s 5th grade teacher, who showed her extra measures of grace as she worked on her first-ever research paper.  This teacher encouraged her every step of the way.  Or my son’s 3rd grade teacher, an artist, who not only taught her students academics but took time to teach them to draw.  I still have the lighthouse drawing my son so proudly brought home that year.  Or my other son’s 7th and 8th grade history teachers who brought history to life and yet, were make a personal impact on him as well.  I believe they may be some of my son’s heroes.  And because they’re my son’s heroes, they’re mine as well.

I appreciate these teachers.  The sad thing is that I didn’t often take the time to verbalize such thankfulness to my children’s teachers other than during Teacher Appreciation Week.  If you’re like me, it’s not too late – tell your children’s teachers what they have meant to you and your children.  Don’t wait for Teacher Appreciation Day or Week.  Send them a quick note or a card now.  You’ll make their day!

Here are some photos showing some of the gratitude of our current ICS parents.

2015 Teacher Appreciation_1edited

2015 Teacher Appreciation_22015 Teacher Appreciation_4If there’s a particular teacher you would like to acknowledge, please feel free to comment below!

This blog post was written by Jenny Britton, (parent of 3 alumni) who currently works in the ICS Advancement Office.