High School Options…

As a parent of three ICS alumni, I vividly remember middle school as that time when our family would begin to discuss what the future might look like for our soon-to-be graduate.

There were feelings of fear and excitement at what was to come. And I was slightly overwhelmed at the school options that were out there. Other parents were researching and studying and taking multiple school tours. If we didn’t do the same were we being negligent? Were we wrong if we sent them to the same school? Were we wrong if we sent them to different schools?  How were we to know what the right school was for each of our children?

Last night Immanuel Christian School hosted its first High School Selection Seminar, which included a parent, panel discussion about the high school selection process and the variety of school options that are available in our area.

There are many factors families should consider when considering school choice. Some of these are:

High School Selection_1• Family Factors: Consider the impact on your family (e.g., time, talents, energy, education level and career field, transportation, support of extended family, in addition to finances)
• Logistics: Accessibility, proximity to home or work, travel time, before and after school activities, hours of operation, etc.
• Worldview. Does it line up with yours? If it doesn’t, are you willing to spend the time talking with your child about it and what God’s word says about it?
• Curriculum/Methods of Instruction: What is taught and how is it taught?
• Tuition and other fees: includes books, uniforms, fuel/transportation, hidden fees such as meals, supplies, activities, field trips, yearbooks, photos, sports events, late pick up fees, etc.
• Scholarships/financial aid availability.

We heard from nine parents who shared their children’s high school selection journey and we were reminded that each child is uniquely made by God. We were also given practical suggestions for helping children navigate the transition between middle and high school.

This time of life can be daunting but the long and the short of it is – as believers we should ask God for wisdom as we consider this decision and rest knowing that God will take care of our children wherever they go. Here at Immanuel Christian School, we wish to inspire students for purposeful lives of learning and godliness and our desire is that when they leave this school, they continue to grow in their walk with the Lord.

This blog post was written by Jenny Britton, ICS Communications Manager and parent of three ICS alumni.  She’s always willing to share her ICS experience.