ICS…Worth the Investment!

For many families, choosing a Christian school is a long process which includes school visits, phone calls, reviewing curriculum, evaluating financial resources and prayer. Families select Christian schools for many reasons including rigorous academics, more individualized attention, a safe and nurturing community, outstanding teachers and the knowledge that Bible is the foundation for all learning.

judy croppedYou may be wondering…is an Immanuel Christian School education worth the cost and sacrifice?  Is it worth the investment?  Those are great questions!  We know there are many school options available but we are confident you will discover that ICS is worth the investment.  But, don’t just take our word for it!  Recently we asked Judy Steury, a current ICS parent, to share why Immanuel Christian School is worth the investment.  She shared her thoughts below:

1. ICS is worth the investment because the learning environment has transformed our son into a student who is absolutely engaged with learning.

2. ICS is worth the investment because it has lit a fire in our son to want to finish assignments with excellence.  It is as if his teacher has surfaced in him a desire to learn, probe and question.  The transformation exceeds anything we could have hoped for regarding him.

3. ICS is worth the investment because we now have a resource rich community of teachers and staff who intentionally partner with us.  For the first time, we have a sense of balance, trust and hope that both of our children will be given every opportunity to grow into who they were designed to be.

4. ICS is worth the investment because the academic rigor coupled with the warmth of  the staff create a place where our children eagerly embrace learning.

5. ICS is worth the investment because our children anchor the excitement of academic learning with the God who made them.  ICS ensures that there is no disconnect between the two.  They are challenged to see every subject matter as a window into the mind of God.  This is thrilling!

6. ICS is worth the investment because the school saturates not only their minds but their hearts with a deep concern for others and an intense love for the LORD.  That combination catapults their growth.

7. ICS is worth the investment because it has brought peace and balance to our home.  Prior to joining the ICS community, our focus was one dimensional.  We fixated only on the mind; fact and knowledge acquisition.  The school has gently helped us to see more broadly that true education reaches the whole child—the head, heart, and hands.

Would you like to see and hear more reasons why ICS is worth the investment? Schedule a tour and see for yourself! Email or call us at 703.941.1220 today.