Visiting Day @ ICS

Shoes. One of my least favorite things to shop for. I apparently have a foot shape so unique, it never fits shoes the same way twice. Even with the same brand, I would never be so bold as to buy a pair online without first trying them on. “Try before you buy” is a maxim people live by. Anytime you see an advertisement on television, the announcer is always sure to note how easy it is to return their product, lest you receive it and it is not what you expect – thus, “try before you buy!”

Well, this can apply to choosing a private school as well. While a slightly larger financial investment than say, a pair of shoes, (okay – a much greater financial investment…perhaps better equated to buying a closet full of new shoes…) the opportunity to experience the academic and social environment of a school before enrolling is a fantastic opportunity.

ICS_VisitingDay_Logo_02062014 (2)Immanuel Christian School is excited to provide this opportunity for families considering this worthy investment. Students in grades 3 through 7 are invited to “try ICS on for size.” Come see what a day in the life of an ICS student is like! Students will experience a typical morning in class, complete with a “buddy,” and leave with new friends! What could be better?!

Visiting Day @ ICS is Friday, April 11, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. All visitors will be dismissed before lunch. Parents are invited to visit with members of the staff and administration to learn more about investing in their child’s future. RSVP at by Friday, April 4.

Please pass this invitation along to a family you may know who may be considering Immanuel Christian School. This is the perfect opportunity to “try before you buy!”

This post was written by Lauren Umble, Communications Coordinator, who truly does not love buying shoes.