Reflections from an ICS first-timer

There is a phrase that you hear quite often as a new teacher at Immanuel Christian School. It goes something like this, “You’ll feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose.” My first few months here have been just like that. I feel as though I have been running 90 miles an hour since the first day of pre-planning. And although transitioning to ICS as a new teacher comes with its challenges, as any new job would, I have never felt more supported by the administration and fellow staff members.

ReyesAs you can imagine, I have had many questions as a newbie, and have relied on the help of my team members and team leader. With each request for assistance, I have found someone more than willing to help and lend their time. Immanuel is the fourth school at which I have had the opportunity to teach. One of the main things that I was searching for when I left my previous school was a supportive and encouraging environment. What a blessing it has been to find that here.

I truly know that the Lord brought me to ICS and I am so thankful that He did. God has blessed me with a place to grow as a teacher, grow in my faith, share joys and frustrations and simply life with other believers. He’s given me a wonderful new family—a work family!

This post was written by Laurie Reyes, Kindergarten A teacher, and a welcome addition to the ICS faculty this school year.

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