Support ICS Through Grocery & Loyalty Programs

We thank you for your support of our Free Money Programs! Please consider participating in each of the opportunities described below.

Amazon Smile

amazonEvery time you order from Amazon, you just need to start at the page:  The first time you do this, you will be prompted to select a charity – once you select Immanuel Christian School, it should default to that every time. If you have bookmarked, please change your bookmark to Everything else about the available products and the ordering process should be exactly the same as always! You can do this for orders you place using our ICS account and also at home using your personal Amazon account – just remember to go through the page every time and we will get credit.

Giant Bonus Card – #2077

Each year you need to re-designate the school you would like to benefit from using your giant Bonus Card. You may sign up at any Giant store or by going to Giant’s website and click on “Designate Schools.” Our school code is 2077. When you use your Bonus Card, credit for your purchases made between October and April goes directly to the ICS. Last year ICS received nearly $700 through this program. Please renew now to avoid a lapse in participation.

Safeway Club Card – #6518952

You can help our school by using your Safeway Club Card when making purchases. In order to participate in this fundraising activity, you must designate your donation to ICS each year. You may do so by registering on Safeway’s website. The ICS identification number is 6518952. When you use your Safeway Club Card, credit for your purchases goes directly to ICS. In the past, ICS has received over $800 through this program. The higher the participation, the more funds we receive, so sign up today.

Harris Teeter – #5117

As you check out, ask the cashier to link your VIC card to our school or register online. Our school ID number is 5117.

General Mills Box Tops for Education

Once again we will have a class competition. Last year ICS received $1000 from this program, so start clipping those Box Tops!


Last year ICS received a donation resulting from purchases made at Target stores. For more information, please visit Target website (Take Charge of Education©) or inquire at a customer service center.

Combined Federal Campaign – #74453